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Teijin plans to quadruple the scale of its business in China in 10 years.

> Japanese Teijin Corporation, Shigeru Yagi, held a meeting in Shanghai on the 22nd, announcing that it will expand its sales in China from about 100billion yen (about 7.8 billion yuan) to 300billion to 400billion yuan in 10 years, with a long service life

with the rapid growth of China's auto market, teiren is considering investing 20-30 billion yen to expand the production capacity of polycarbonate (PC), the mobile material used to drive tensile accessories (or tight, zigzag and other accessories) of its Chinese factories. Dabaki has high hopes for the expansion of domestic demand in China, saying that "China has always positioned its advantages as one of the most important markets in the world"

emperor people have entered the Chinese market with textile as their main business since the 1970s, and recently began to set foot in water treatment and medical business. "Di Ren (China) Investment Co., Ltd." was established in April this year, governing 12 subsidiaries in China

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