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Ruibida plans to raise 330million yuan to expand its panel glass production capacity. Ruibida, a company listed on the new third board, issued a stock issuance and subscription announcement on the 30th, saying that the company plans to pay 5. At the price of 5 yuan/share, no more than 60million ordinary shares will be issued, and the financing amount will not exceed 3. 300million yuan, the subscription method is cash subscription

the announcement shows that the subscription objects of ruibida in this issuance are not more than 35, and they need to comply with the relevant provisions of Article 39 of the administrative measures and the detailed rules for the administration of the suitability of investors in the national small and medium-sized enterprise share transfer system (for Trial Implementation)

Li Yu, the Secretary of ruibida, said that any qualified investor of the new third board can subscribe for the shares issued this time, starting from 1million shares. There is no limit on the biggest problem faced by China in the development of circular economy, and old shareholders and new shareholders can participate in the subscription with the same conditions

Li Yu, director and Secretary of the board of directors of ruibida

according to the announcement, the starting date of payment and power off of this ruibida share issuance is December 3, 2015, and the deadline of payment is December 31, 2015 (including that day). How to reduce the amount of silver after signing the subscription contract, subscribers must deposit the subscription funds into the designated account as soon as possible within the payment time; Ruibida will confirm the subscription shares in sequence according to the order of signing the contract and completing the payment time of 1~2 seconds. After signing the contract, if the investor fails to pay in time and in full, ruibida has the right to place the corresponding shares again

when communicating with Li Yu, the Secretary of ruibida, the new third board of China learned that the fund-raising was mainly used to expand the company 2. 5D, 3D panel glass production capacity and supplementary working capital

in addition, the announcement shows that the shares issued by ruibida have been reviewed and approved by the general meeting of shareholders of the company, but have not been approved by the national small and medium-sized enterprise share transfer system

according to the data, ruibida's main business is cover glass and tablet computer cover glass, with 1550 employees and a current production capacity of 10million pieces/month (taking windows 5.0 inches as an example). The net profit of the company was 2.59 million yuan in 2013 and 19.04 million yuan in 2014. At the same time, it is expected to achieve a net profit of 50.38 million yuan in 2015, an increase of 264 year-on-year. 60%。

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