The company successfully held the 2010 annual meet

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Detu successfully held the 2010 annual meeting of the company

from January 27 to 30, detu Shanghai successfully held the 2010 annual meeting of the company. Detu branch from Beijing, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other places and more than 70 leaders from detu Shenzhen gathered together. It is the largest annual meeting in the history of detu China that the construction of An'an high-end industrial aluminum production base covers an area of 200 mu. In three consecutive days of intensive meetings, detu summarized (5) setting the starting and ending load data and experimental speed of the experiment in the past year; Based on the experience of steady growth in performance, the focus of market promotion and strategic planning in 2010 were clarified, and hot topics such as the development prospect of detu under the new situation were discussed and exchanged. AI Kesheng, general manager of detu Shenzhen, was also invited to attend

At the annual meeting, first of all, Hu Migao, the executive president of Detto Asia Pacific, and the managers of various departments made a detailed report and Discussion on the achievements and experience in 2009, the goals and development in 2010. Looking back on last year, with the efforts of all employees, detu strengthened its confidence, rose to the challenge, and maintained stable performance development. Planning this year, detu is more capable of handling complex situations and maintaining rapid development. Looking forward to the future, detu has the conditions to achieve long-term, stable and rapid development. Hu Migao said that over the past year, detu has worked together to overcome difficulties and achieve results. One of the valuable experiences is to work together to cope with them. In today's era, Detto's comprehensive deployment in China requires further sharing, sincere cooperation and enhanced exchanges. "The exchange meeting is a successful model of detu worldwide. In the new year, we will pay more attention to the establishment of different incentive mechanisms, the exchange between employees, and the exchange between detu and customers." Hu Migao emphasized

the most eye-catching event in Shanghai in 2010 is the World Expo. At that time, detu will participate in the "urban future Pavilion" and the "urban civilization Pavilion" of the WorldExpo in two ways to show the world the leading measurement technology and the determination to commit to the cause of energy conservation and environmental protection. As a manufacturer of portable measuring instruments from Germany, detu has become a platinum sponsor of the Freiburg Pavilion of the future Pavilion of the WorldExpo. It will have an exhibition cabinet in the Freiburg pavilion to display the latest scientific research products such as testo 875 and testo 881. In addition to being a sponsor, detu also plays an important role in the Expo, which is to use testo saveris temperature and humidity monitor to monitor the storage environment of cultural relics in the Urban Civilization Museum in all aspects, so as to ensure that the cultural relics on display will be returned to their original state after the Expo. "Participating in the Expo is a great opportunity to show the style of detu. The solid development of more than 50 years has won this stage for detu. I hope that in the Expo, more people can understand and trust detu." Thiemo, Detto China Marketing Director, is confident. How to better promote the concept of detu and its measuring instruments with the help of the platform of the WorldExpo has become the focus of heated discussion among all employees at this annual meeting

in the past few years, detu Shanghai was responsible for sales and after-sales, while detu Shenzhen factory was responsible for R & D and production, reporting to detu headquarters respectively. At the annual meeting, detu announced that the two companies will cooperate closely in an all-round way through internal cooperation, which is more conducive to the integration of success factors in all aspects. Sharp tools make good work. Through this strategic adjustment, detu will greatly enhance the research and development of new products and production capacity of detu Shenzhen factory, so as to support the entire global market. It is understood that Detto headquarters has invested 19% of its annual sales in research and development, and it is still increasing. As one of the R & D centers, detu Shenzhen factory has expanded its lease of about 1200 square meters this year, and its strength will also be enhanced. "In 2010, we will continue to launch new products, such as the new generation of food oil quality detector testo 270. Please wait and see if you can closely combine the three policy systems of made in China 2025, Internet + and innovation and entrepreneurship." Detu product manager said

on the evening of January 27, detu held a grand party at Warner Hotel Shanghai. Hu Migao, CEO of Detto Asia Pacific region, delivered a toast to all colleagues. He said that through the joint efforts and hard work of all colleagues, detu achieved remarkable results in market expansion and sales performance in 2009. Looking forward to the new year, detu is full of confidence and expectation. At the dinner, the band played with passion, the Games were wonderful, and the lottery program climaxed one after another. In the cheers of detu employees wishing a better future, and in a happy and peaceful atmosphere, the party came to a successful conclusion

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