The hottest wirelessplugma8 is in cargo tracking

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The application of wirelessplugma8 in cargo tracking management system

logistics operators deal with frequent logistics delivery, fleet real-time positioning and cargo identification and tracking every day. These modern transportation management problems must establish a management system to provide customers with the best service. In the face of a large number of cargo data tracking, the establishment of an exclusive information transmission system meets the requirements of the current composite industry. Now the industry needs to use more and more according to the eccentric effect coefficient of domestic magnetic materials and other high filling materials, which decreases with the increase of the cross-sectional area of the sample. Through the endless characteristics of the wide area road, the required tracking information is quickly transmitted to the relevant personnel, According to the original barcode system, the data of goods can be transmitted through the server and connected with the database of the traffic control center to truly grasp the flow direction of vehicles and goods

in the traditional wide area road system, it is necessary to establish a dedicated wireless platform and apply for a license, which not only covers a small area, but also receives a short message. In combination with the Ma system and the GPRS road already set up by the mobile system operator, it not only combines with the original system of the logistics fleet, but also expands the original coverage and provides better services to customers

in this example, the Ma is directly connected with the card reading device of the logistics vehicle through the RS-232 interface to read the data captured by the hand-held device of the service personnel on the site, transmit the transmitted data to the traffic control center via GPRS and the Internet, and interact with the central control software in both directions. In addition to transmitting instant data, Ma can also store the relevant collected data in memory when the communication is interrupted. When the communication is restored, it can return all the stored data to avoid data loss and ensure data integrity

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