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Application of wirelessplugma8 in wireless monitoring intelligent transportation system

in densely populated and traffic congested metropolitan areas, time is often delayed due to traffic congestion. It is very important to have high thermal mechanical strength for traffic control. The signal control system provides safe, automatic and real-time traffic signal control, which can safely and effectively divert the traffic flow and ensure the smooth passage of vehicles

the management of the existing signal controller is mainly based on the special line connection. The management of the new signal controller, unless the wiring is completed at the beginning of the planning to build a new source, Chaoli automobile, and Weiqiao has purchased the pilot production plant of Hongbang double zero aluminum foil project, the excavation and wiring works need to be carried out. This part accounts for the majority of the project funds. The problem often encountered by the existing management units is the disconnection of the special line, Most of the reasons are caused by road excavation, ponding and other factors, but these factors need to be repaired by relevant institutions, and there are often cases of delay, so it is often necessary to control the light signal with the help of manpower. If the wireless mode is required, because most of the signal controllers are proprietary systems, and the system has no built-in wireless driver, many major problems need to be solved in the process of gsm/gp. The design of at command or tcp/ip for RS connection requires a huge investment

considering the above problems, Ma and traffic signal controller are connected by RS-232. In terms of traffic signals, there is no need to change the existing settings and write relevant programs to connect. Ma provides a built-in graphical interface, which can be configured to transmit data according to the traffic signal communication protocol and data format. In addition, it can filter out some unnecessary information according to the conditions required by the competent authority, Through the combination of GPRS system and Internet, the data is sent back to the traffic control center. It can also be combined with the existing traffic control center equipment through the gateway to save low-noise communication equipment and a large number of wires. It is also easier to manage and maintain. The system is built quickly and saves costs, which is the best solution for system integrators

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