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Shangqiu news (Xu Yang's phase) summer is a period of high fire incidence, and the phenomenon of electric vehicles charging and catching fire in various places has occurred from time to time recently. In many neighborhoods around us, the private China automobile center will continue to focus on the interiors or materials that contribute a lot to VOCs. It is also very common to pull wires to charge electric vehicles. Such behavior is very dangerous

appearance: Xu Yang: Hello, everyone, I can now control the vertical and horizontal offset and change of the pier. It is in yipinjiangshan community of the expressway at the southwest corner of the intersection of guide road and Yingtian road. This community received a report from citizens that there are many phenomena of privately pulling wires to charge non motor vehicles in the community. You can see that behind me, you can see the wires extending from a high place upstairs to charge the electric car. According to our observation, this phenomenon occurs in almost every unit in this community, and there are also warning signs posted at the door of each building hole in the community. The warning signs posted on the property are to remind our residents not to pull wires privately. On my left, you can also see that there are charging piles in this area. However, according to our observation, there are few charging piles, and few electric cars are charging here

it is learned that due to the large number of electric vehicles in the community, the number of charging piles is far from meeting the needs of residents. And the charging cost of charging piles is also relatively high, which makes many residents prefer to risk private wire charging rather than charging with charging piles. Facing this situation, community property can only try their best to persuade, and there is no particularly effective method

Wang Shan, the property customer service staff of Yipin Jiangshan community of expressway: in fact, we have also cleaned up this private wire with the law enforcement department before. There are (leaflets) posted at the door of each unit. The owner has always had this problem (private wire). Because the property has no law enforcement power after all, we can only try our best to reduce this kind of private wiring (phenomenon)

some owners in the community also expressed concern about the serious situation of private wire charging in the community, fearing that there would be danger

community residents: it's easy to cause a fire, so you'd better take care of it. Look how high it is, it's definitely not safe to pull it down

public safety needs to be maintained by everyone. We cannot ignore the existence of potential safety hazards for the sake of convenience

do you feel more handsome with a nice ring? However, a young man in Liang Park turned to firefighters for help because he couldn't remove the ring after wearing it. Firefighters took special equipment to cut the ring, and finally made the swollen fingers get rid of

at 20:07 on June 25, when the guard of the special service squadron of Shangqiu fire rescue detachment was on duty, he received a young man's help. The man said that a ring on his right index finger could not be removed, and had caused swelling and pain in his finger. He hoped that firefighters could help remove the ring on his finger. After learning of the situation, the on duty personnel immediately reported the situation to the squadron commander. After receiving the report, the commander of the squadron immediately took the caller to the squadron communication room

at this time, the fingers of the caller have swollen, and the ring made of steel ring bites the man's fingers. If you don't take off the ring in time, it will take too long to cause blood circulation and greater damage

the man told the firefighters that the ring on his finger had been worn for many days. After the swelling of the finger, the swelling and pain of the finger become more serious because the ring is tightly around the finger. As a last resort, you can only ask firefighters for help

in order to shorten the rescue time, firefighters who have encountered such situations decided to quickly cut the ring with a ring cutter. At the same time of cutting, firefighters pad the fingers of young men for help with gaskets to avoid secondary injury to fingers during the cutting process (as shown in the figure)

under the careful operation of firefighters, the ring was cut off. However, because the ring is made of steel ring and is particularly hard, the ring can not be removed by cutting only one side, so the firefighters decided to cut it for the second time

considering that the cutting process will heat up, the firefighters also prepared frozen mineral water and watered the ring while cutting. Finally, with the efforts of firefighters, the ring was successfully removed. The man thanked the firefighters and left the secret service squadron

at about 6:00 p.m. on June 26, near the Qinlou building of 023 County Road from Xiayi to Chezhan Town, a gray Ford Quanshun car loaded with goods crashed into a roadside tree and fell into a ditch. The front face of the truck was seriously deformed, and the legs of the two people in the car were stuck and could not be touched. At the critical moment, the kind-hearted people passing by here worked together to rescue the trapped people in the car

rescuer He Wei told that at that time, he and two colleagues drove back to the county after working in station town. Passing by the annex of Qinlou, they saw a car in the ditch. The front of the car was beyond recognition, the door was seriously deformed, the front windshield and door glass were all broken, and the driver was trapped. Vesta (now under the Lubrizol Life Sciences Department) provided customized contract manufacturing services for the medical device industry. The car was covered with blood and smelled of oil. So He Wei pulled up to the front, turned on the high beam, hurried forward with his colleagues Kou Wei and Li Tao, and found two drivers trapped in the cab. They and the villagers passing by tried to drag the trapped people out, but failed

at this time, He Wei saw the driver in the car with blood on his face. One of them was thrown from the back seat to the front, and their legs were pressed and could not move. The villagers called 119 and asked the firefighters to come to the rescue with the car dismantling tools, otherwise people could not be carried out. He Wei heard the cry for help in the car and looked at the driver with blood all over his body. He was very worried. If he wanted to save one second in advance, he had to save one second in advance. Then, he and his colleagues broke the driver's seat back, broke all the workbench that could be broken by hand, and slowly pulled out a driver's thigh. After 20 minutes, with the help of local villagers, the two drivers were finally rescued from the car. When 120 arrived, everyone carried the injured into the ambulance together

I often go out and have encountered difficulties. I understand the driver's mood at that time very well. As long as we can help, we must not stand idly by. He Wei told

at present, the injured has been out of danger, and the accident is under further investigation

Shangqiu news (Liu Linzhi Xiang) Liu Lin: you can exhaust the air in the main oil tank. Hello, everyone. I'm at the intersection of Shenhuo Avenue and Changjiang Road. It's about 7:40 in the morning. Behind me, you can see that this is the peak period of work, and the traffic flow is still relatively large, After our recent exposure of uncivilized behavior//some citizens have made great changes in this safe travel, and some citizens still don't abide by this traffic rule and ignore the safety of this travel.

on the morning of the 26th, we saw volunteers working with traffic police to direct traffic and guide vehicles and pedestrians to travel in a civilized manner, And stop and persuade pedestrians to run red lights, cross the road and other uncivilized traffic behaviors. Although the traffic conditions have changed very well, some citizens still fail to obey the traffic rules. When crouching, I found that at the southwest corner of the intersection of Shenhuo Avenue and Changjiang Road, a car drove retrograde. When approaching the intersection, because the vehicle was retrograde, vehicles in the straight and right turn lanes whistled to give way, and the intersection traffic became slow and congested

scene: (Hello, you've been retrograde. Do you see that you shouldn't go this way, you should go that way, now it's retrograde, can you open the window and say it) (no, you're retrograde now) then where do I go from the hotel (then you should go there) I go there, I'm going this way (you should go around, you see you're stopping here now. We're all blocked, see?

then, I found several non motorized vehicles driving in reverse, which not only inconvenienced the normal traffic of others, but also buried hidden safety hazards for their own driving.

scene: (Sir, where are you going?) I'm going that way (going that way, you should go that way) there's a blockage, There's no way to cross the lime Road (what's the matter) I don't know. How about building the road? It's blocked, so you can't turn around until you can't cross it, and the sidewalk can't cross it (if you can walk, we'll still pass normally, which is not safe)

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