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Wireless power sent three escorts to Yunqi Conference "Ten thousand people wi

three years ago, Alibaba cloud developer conference turned into yunqi conference. Richer content and more open strategy have brought more participants and more passionate on-site interaction. Accordingly, the demand standard for venue Wi Fi services is also rising. Then, as a professional user of wireless services for the ten thousand people conference, how did Ruijie Wi Fi, the three-year ironclad service provider of yunqi conference, become close to 60000 guests Provide satisfactory wireless services and set up a wireless experience benchmark for 10000 people to see Ruijie through Wi Fi

yunqi town has become a benchmark scenario for Wi Fi services for 10000 people

the good experience benefits from the deep segmentation of the scene, which is rooted in the

scene, and is the foundation and core of Ruijie wireless solutions. Take Yunqi Town International Convention and Exhibition Center, the main venue of this yunqi conference, as an example. There are a total of 7 areas that need wireless coverage, and each area has its own Wi Fi scene. For example, the peak concurrent number of terminals in the main venue of area a is expected to be 4000 during the meeting, with an area of 2000 square meters. It is not only necessary to provide high-density wireless coverage for access users, but also the AP installation location must be hidden to ensure the overall effect of the main venue; The ant financial service venue in area B requires that the concurrent number of wireless network users can meet 1000 people, but at the same time, it should ensure the high-quality network access required by the red live broadcast; Area C is a new building of yunqi Convention and Exhibition Center. It is necessary to realize the new planning of DuPont Hongji new materials project, which meets the needs of 4000 people without settling in Nanzhuang, for the main exhibition hall, restaurant and large conference hall. Phase 1 construction line coverage has been completed recently; Area D is a temporary outdoor greenhouse, including three outdoor sub exhibition areas and sign in greenhouses. These four areas need to meet the access of 2000 people

2017 yunqi conference wireless network coverage area

it is obvious that such a dense and changeable conference venue, even if a large number of APS are stacked at no cost, will eventually affect the actual wireless experience of users due to mutual network signal interference and conflict. The fundamental way to solve the problem is still to take root in the scene and make careful calculations. Although Ruijie's wireless service team has had the experience of successful deployment in the previous two sessions, in the face of changing scene needs, there are still two key issues to be solved: first, how to meet the new needs of the conference for personnel and interaction, and second, whether the wireless deployment in the New Area and outdoor temporary exhibition area can provide satisfactory services on time. For this reason, Ruijie launched the repeated geological exploration, the scheme design of the integration of different products, and the optimization test of the overall network, which are mainly caused by the excessive viscosity or dirty oil

Ruijie engineers carry out network support work on site

for example, for the wireless high concurrency peak of the main venue, Ruijie placed 50 APS under the seats during the design and deployment to ensure the signal quality and meet the requirements of the passionate atmosphere of the venue; In ant finance venue, the original AP deployment has been 7. Effective experimental space: 800mm has met the basic needs of the venue. This time, 10 high-density APS have been specially added to support multiple live broadcasts; In the new building area of the Convention and Exhibition Center, the wireless coverage requirements of this scene are met by the integration of 55 new ceiling APS and the original 30 indoor directional APS; In the outdoor temporary greenhouse, 155 indoor directional APS and 8 Poe switches were deployed. In addition, Ruijie also added wireless coverage to the outdoor concert area of yunqi conference, meeting the needs of everyone to sing live

when Li Jian, Wu Mochou, and soul singer Ma Yun, who was delayed by entrepreneurship, sang songs such as "legend" and "when I miss you", the ubiquitous high-speed wireless signal made the circle of friends instantly burst with passion! Not only in various venues and music festivals, in the past few days of the yunqi conference, sitting and walking everywhere, full of Wi Fi signals are everywhere, and the excellent wireless experience has also been highly recognized by the participants

the new benchmark comes from the ascetic road of Dharma

the establishment of Dharma hall is undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions of this cloud habitat conference with the theme of flying intelligence. Dharma "Brooks running is a recognized leader in the field of performance running shoes. It has crossed the river with a reed. After nine years of hard work and dedicated practice, it has finally become the first generation of Eastern earth founder who opened up Zen Buddhism. Similarly, ruijieluo can serve Yunqi Conference for three consecutive years, and is confident to shout the slogan of" Ruijie depends on Wi Fi for 10000 people ". It has also experienced the road of Dharma, which has been searched up and down for a long time and painstakingly studied.

Dharma represents the search for innovative technology Lu

because 10000 person Wi Fi scenarios such as yunqi conference generally have high-density, high concurrency and high bandwidth application requirements, it can be said that it is one of the most difficult scenarios for wireless construction. Because of the same frequency interference, the more APS are deployed in the venue, the more serious the interference is. However, if the number of APS deployed is insufficient, it will face the embarrassing situation of signal blind spots. Seeing the disadvantages of traditional ap+ directional antenna deployment, Ruijie took the lead in adopting advanced wireless micro cellular technology, reducing the difficulty of project commissioning and saving construction time. In addition, like the deployment form of placing the AP under the seat at this conference, compared with installing the AP on the indoor ceiling, the signal will not be covered from top to bottom and reflected from the ground, so the signal is easier to control. With the help of the block of the ground seat position to the signal, the coverage of the equipment is controlled, and the interference problem is optimized, so as to improve the user capacity, ensure the access of ultra-high density users, and make the venue more tidy and unified. It is based on each such segmentation scenario and continuous polishing of all details that we have won such heavyweight users as Alibaba, Tencent and Suning

continuous mental training has enabled Ruijie to develop innovative technical products such as x-sense smart antenna, smart point +, zero roaming, Wis, etc. With these unique skills, we finally achieved the new benchmark of Wi Fi experience set by Ruijie at the cloud habitat conference today, and also added another heavy color to the wireless power group

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