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BASF executive vice president Bo mule: we should pay attention to tapping the local market

Bo mule:

coastal opportunities tend to be saturated, and we should pay attention to tapping the local market

"the increasing purchasing power of local residents means an excellent opportunity for Chongqing, which is more important than developing potential export markets under the current situation." Yesterday, before the opening of the annual meeting of the mayor's International Economic Advisory Group, Bo mule, executive vice president of BASF, the 73rd global chemical giant in the world's top 500, said in an exclusive interview with this newspaper

he explained that in the next few years, the market opportunities of coastal cities will tend to be saturated, and they will in turn seek to sell their products to the West. Therefore, Chongqing should avoid further developing excess markets to compete with coastal areas. On the contrary, we should create our own competitive market, so one of DuPont's 10 principles is good risk management and control, and make the western region and inland cities comfortable and charming places to live

"to this end, Chongqing should give priority to the development of cross industry projects that use the most advanced technology and new innovative products. At the same time, the target investment should be oriented to the growth industry. Precautions for buying the 2014 energy material testing machine" Bo mule also suggested that industry clustering should be implemented as far as possible to avoid being committed to the construction of export centers, and focus on the domestic market potential of surrounding areas with more than 400 million consumers

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