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The trend of the global inkjet printing market in the next five years

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core tip: the latest UK report provides an in-depth and long-term assessment of the fast-growing industry of "the future of global inkjet printing ()". In April 2016, the data test suddenly increased, and the scale of inkjet printing and printing packaging market will reach US $61.9 million. It is expected that the annual compound growth rate will be 12.7%, and all parts of the world show a positive growth trend

[China Packaging News] the latest UK report provides an in-depth and long-term assessment of the "future of global inkjet printing ()", a rapidly developing industry. In the two years from 2015 to 2017, 0 the investment of phase I project is 540million yuan. In 2016, the scale of inkjet printing and printing packaging market will reach 61.9 million US dollars. It is estimated that the annual compound annual growth rate is 12.7%, and all parts of the world are showing a positive growth trend

all regions have begun to adopt this technology because it provides economic benefits to replace analog and digital printing technology, and is constantly opening up new market applications. This rapid growth also encourages suppliers to increase investment and constantly introduce new technologies into the market. This initiative also ensures that inkjet printing continues to improve reliability, high quality and stable productivity

The application of inkjet technology has greatly improved the supply chain of the entire book and newspaper industry. The label industry also has traction, and with high-performance narrow width printing machines, the company's technicians decided to develop a set of quality management system and the market of hybrid inkjet/flexo printing machines will also grow. At the same time, there are also huge opportunities for the packaging market, and new high-performance spray systems are about to enter the market. Inkjet technology is also gradually being used to print directly to bottles and cans, which is also a powerful embodiment of the potential to simplify the packaging supply chain

inkjet technology adds new functions to printing and packaging. Personalization and visualization are very common, and have also become an increasing trend, which can increase the value and profit of printing products. Inkjet technology can be applied to thick films and special fluids to improve tactile and three-dimensional effects. At the same time, varnish and print enhancement systems are becoming more and more popular

with the increasing progress of inkjet technology, print head manufacturers, ink manufacturers and printing equipment suppliers have brought hundreds of billions of market investment. There are already many types of custom inkjet printing systems configured for specific applications. Solvent based, water-based and UV curable inks are being used. Among them, solvent based inks are constantly losing market share, but water-based and UV curing inks are growing at the fastest rate. Inkjet technology has gradually become an increasingly important technology in the field of industrial use. Such as textile printing, decoration, ceramics, 3D, electronics and textile printing, the application in these fields will also help the ink-jet technology to achieve better improvement

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