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The trend of international plastic blow molding system

in sig corpoplast (Hamburg, Germany), a manufacturer of extended blow molding machine, weight reduction has become a hot topic. The company has developed a design suitable for preform molding and blow molding. 12gpet bottle is used for water purification and 17gpet bottle is used for carbonated drinks. Both methods can reduce its weight by at least 2G compared with the standard bottle

over the years, the development of stretch blow molding machines has been focused on improving speed and output. At present, manufacturers are making efforts to make smaller machines and designs for small packages

Matthiasdamm, the marketing manager, predicted that the design would help the company attract new customers. He said: the price of pet is 1.2 euros/kg. If 100million bottles are produced a year and 1g is saved per bottle, the manufacturer can save 20000 euros a year. Cobras recently purchased a 3D printer from Z Company (Burlington), which can construct physical models from data in a few hours

Swiss SBM manufacturer MAF plastic machinery (wufrey) is seeking business opportunities from North America. According to Jean marcmoriggia, sales director, American users like our features very much, including components that can make the outer diameter of large mouth bottles up to 88mm and special shape packaging, as well as a 40ml small neckless blow molding bottle system, which can save materials. He said that the company has seen a huge demand in the cosmetics and drug packaging market, which is still controlled by the one-step stretch blow molding system. The new product of Italian machine manufacturer SIPA (Vittorio Veneto) is sfl4. This small machine can operate four cavities with 1800 bottles per cavity per hour, or six cavities with 1600 bottles per cavity per hour. Market manager RO, as the first 10-year action plan of the Chinese government to implement the manufacturing power strategy, bertagualtieri said that the machine makes processing more flexible and can be easily converted between 6-chamber 3-liter bottles and 3-chamber 20-liter bottles

SIPA (Si adopts Huntsman's advanced material epoxy resin to launch three new graphene reinforced carbon fiber prepregs PA) company, like copperas company, is increasingly serving as consultants and designers of bottle blanks, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles and special vehicles/bottles (the company has strong strength in these two aspects). Gualtieri said: we have developed cooking resistant transparent PP bottles, which are specially used for white pet bottles for milk, PP bottles for powder and other products. She predicts that the pet market will grow. The pet market is growing steadily and will rise to a higher level. Sidel, a French company competing in the SBM market, is famous for its high-capacity rotary stretch blow molding equipment and launched the linear SBM series at the end of last year. This four cavity machine, called sbocompact, is produced by a factory in Selangor, Malaysia

Micolasricollet, the project manager of the new machine, said that the linear bottle blowing machine contains some key elements such as heating and blowing system. SIPA company also uses it on the rotating model to provide users with a determined spare parts network by using mature technology. A rotating cam composed of a camshaft and four cams controls the movement of the model

sbocompact components can blow bottles with a maximum of 3.1 liters extruder industry development still has a large market space, and it is suitable for xipa SBO series similar exhaust injection molding equipment. Rivollet said that SIPA believes that it is necessary to use low-cost and low-yield equipment to regain market share of SBM products from new manufacturers that are affecting its leadership

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