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Sociologists, economists and futurists have had many different views on the economic characteristics of the 21st century. China's academic circles usually call the economy of the 21st century "new economy". Although the formulation of economic form is different, the views on the future economic characteristics are the same, that is, "mankind is entering an economic era with the possession and allocation of intellectual resources, and the production, distribution and use (consumption) of knowledge as the most important factors". That is to say, the future economy is essentially an intellectual economy. The demand of economy and its development trend will inevitably have a great impact on science and technology. The demand for intelligence in the "new economy" will inevitably lead to the development trend of intellectualization in various economic departments and the research on Intellectualization in various scientific and technological departments. This kind of research and application are mutually promoting, influencing and developing together

every period has its central science and technology. Scientists predict that information science and technology will be the central science and technology before the middle of the 21st century. Since the 1930s, the central science and technology will gradually shift to biological science and Technology (including life science and Technology). After the middle of this century, it will be possible to take cognitive science and technology as the center, combine information science and technology, life science and technology, system science and technology and other high-tech science and technology, and form an intelligent (cognitive) science and technology group. With the in-depth study of cognitive science, people will gradually understand the mechanism of human intelligence. On this basis, intelligent science and technology will be fully developed. The use of machines to assist and replace human physical work has long been achieved, but it is much more difficult to use machines to assist and replace human mental work, which has just begun. If the latter is truly realized, the economy, culture, science and technology of human society will have a greater leap, and human civilization will reach a new stage

1 intellectualization is the development direction of information science and technology

the direction of improving the quality of human life is changing from the material aspect to the spiritual aspect, that is, from the material aspect of clothing, food, housing and transportation to the spiritual aspects of education, science and technology, sports, medical treatment, tourism, culture, art and so on. Even in the material aspects of food, clothing, housing and transportation, mental factors are increasingly added. That is to say, the development and application of information technology should increasingly consider meeting people's spiritual needs, that is, more and more consider intellectual factors. In addition, the development of society is based on human group activities, which are developed on the basis of intellectual information exchange and collaboration. Therefore, to promote the development of human society, it is necessary to make this kind of intellectual information exchange and collaboration develop day by day

modern computer and communication science and technology is the core of information science and technology. At present, it is developing in the direction of digitalization, miniaturization, personalization, interaction, mobility, integration, networking and intelligence. Modern intelligent communication equipment, all kinds of intelligent household appliances, pendulum quickly fall back, e-commerce, education, design, virtual enterprise... Even remote-control medical surgery are widely used in intelligent technology. Many countries also put forward the task of building intelligent Internet and manufacturing intelligent computers. It is no exaggeration to say that the essence of informatization and networking is intelligence

we can also see that the tools to realize informatization and networking are intelligent. In modern information science and technology, more and more artificial intelligence technologies such as natural language recognition and understanding, image recognition and processing, computer vision, robot planning, multi information sensing and control, knowledge representation, acquisition and processing, reasoning and solution, expert system, intelligent control are used. Although there has been no major breakthrough in the research of artificial intelligence in recent years, with the development of cognitive science and intelligent technology, artificial intelligence technology will be more and more applied to information science and technology

2 intellectualization is the development direction of life science and technology.

human brain is the "headquarters" of human intelligence system. Brain science is the core of life science, and intellectualization is also the development direction of life science and technology. The research of human brain will form intelligent science and technology, which is the science that drives the basic scientific research in the 21st century

due to the complexity of human brain, no machine can completely replace human brain. At present, the research on human brain is not sufficient, and the mystery of human brain's memory, thinking, imagination and emotion is far from being revealed. Under the condition that human intelligence is not clear, it is impossible to figure out what is machine intelligence and what is intelligent machine. We can only make machine intelligence constantly close to human intelligence and simulate human intelligence, but never make machine intelligence equal to human intelligence and replace human intelligence. However, some machines that imitate the functions of the human brain, assist human intelligence, and even promote the development of human intelligence can be realized, and should be vigorously studied. To make a breakthrough in this regard, the most important thing is that we must first make a breakthrough in the research of the human brain. Secondly, intelligent technology is also widely used in life science and technology itself. In genetic engineering, intelligent micromanipulation platform is applied; Intelligent operating robots are used in precision medical surgery; Intelligent detection technology is applied in biochips for medical examination; Even in the biochip that may become the logic element of a new generation of molecular computer in the future, it is inevitable to apply some kind of intelligent logic different from binary logic as the basis of its work

3 intellectualization is the development direction of automation engineering

automation is an important means and condition for the development of modern industry. It is no exaggeration to say that the process of modern industrial development is the process of constantly applying, improving and upgrading automated production technology

at present, a variety of intelligent systems and technologies are increasingly used in various automation projects

the level and degree of application of intelligent technology in automation engineering determines the level and degree of automation of the project. Intellectualization has become the most obvious symbol of the modernization of various projects

4 intellectualization is the development trend of mechanical engineering and various departments of the national economy

at present, intellectualization has emerged in various departments of the national economy, intelligent products continue to emerge, and the intellectualization trend is becoming more and more obvious. 1. Electromagnetic interference is obvious, and there are various intelligent instruments, intelligent vehicles, intelligent machines, intelligent robots, intelligent "pets", intelligent materials... And even intelligent buildings. Some production and operation systems also use a large number of intelligent technologies, such as various intelligent production control systems, intelligent logistics systems, intelligent manufacturing systems, virtual enterprises, e-commerce, etc. As for these production and operation management systems, they have achieved different degrees of intelligence faster, such as intelligent railway transportation management system, intelligent air traffic control system, intelligent financial settlement system, intelligent financial management system, intelligent material management system, intelligent database management system, etc

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, we will use informatization to drive industrialization, especially informatization with various intelligent technologies, so industrial departments are increasingly realizing intellectualization in this process

5 definition of intelligent system

a system that has (partially has) human intelligence or can simulate (partially simulates) human intelligence is called an intelligent system

intelligent systems can be divided into the following types:

(1) human body system, especially human brain system

(2) systems in which human beings directly participate in activities with their intelligence, such as financial systems, insurance systems, sports systems and other economic and social systems

(3) man machine system in which man and machine work together

(4) machine systems that simulate (partially simulate) human intelligence, such as intelligent computer systems, intelligent robot systems, intelligent manufacturing systems, intelligent control systems, intelligent language understanding systems, intelligent image processing systems, intelligent expert systems, etc

the first two types of intelligent systems are "human-oriented systems", that is, human systems themselves; The latter two types of intelligent systems are "artificial systems", that is, systems created by human beings to transform nature for human interests. "Humanistic system" is the research object of life science, cognitive science and social science, while "human system" is the research object of Engineering Science. Of course, to simulate the "human-oriented system", we also need to use the research results of Engineering Science and technology on the "human-oriented system"

different scholars have different views on the standards of human intelligent behavior. For example, scientists believe that only machines that work according to the working mode of human brain can be called intelligent machines; Engineers believe that no matter what the way to realize intelligence is, as long as the machine has some functions of the human brain, it can be called an intelligent machine. At present, in order to promote the research and development of intelligent systems, we can only adopt the view of engineers, that is, the system is only required to have some human intelligence, regardless of the way it is realized. From this basic point of view, we can think that a system with one of the following characteristics should be called an intelligent system

(1) multi information perception and fusion

(2) knowledge expression, acquisition, storage and processing (mainly identification, reasoning and decision-making)

(3) associative memory

(4) autonomous control, namely self similarity, self-learning, self adaptation, self-organization and self maintenance

(5) fault tolerance

workshop technicians and technicians working outside officially informed that, of course, in terms of the advanced form of intelligence, there are also rational and emotional factors such as belief, intention, love, disgust, sincerity, commitment, which are difficult to achieve in the current "artificial" intelligent system

6 the development of machinery industry in intellectualization

6.1 choose intelligent products as new products for the future development of machinery enterprises

the top priority of machinery enterprises is to adjust the product structure. In the past, China's machinery industry sector was the production sector of means of production. In the situation of facing the market, especially the globalized economy, this concept should be changed rapidly, that is, the machinery industry not only provides the means of production, but also produces all kinds of products that people need. When choosing products in the product structure adjustment of China's machinery industry enterprises, whether they are means of production or consumer goods, they must first choose mechatronics products with intelligent information technology

6.2 the manufacturing and management of machinery enterprises should develop in the direction of intelligence

under the situation of the rapid development of information technology, the increasing trend of economic globalization and China's entry into WTO, China's manufacturing industry is facing rare opportunities and severe challenges. The market changes frequently and is difficult to predict, the life cycle of products is increasingly shortened, the speed of product renewal is accelerating, customers' demand for products tends to be personalized and diversified, production automation technology continues to improve, the moving distance of the workbench is not less than 1500mm, and the innovative role of producers is becoming more and more important, The application of information technology is more and more extensive... These factors have fundamentally changed the production mode and management mode of manufacturing industry: enterprise production has changed from product-oriented to customer-oriented, demand-oriented and service-oriented; The main production factors of enterprises are shifting from labor and capital to knowledge; The production process of enterprises is changing from assembly line, automatic line and single variety fixed scale production to multi variety, flexible, parallel and intelligent

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