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Empire State Building promotes the concept of energy-saving building glass with heat insulation layer recently, a new multimedia exhibition officially opened on the second floor of Empire State Building in Manhattan, New York, under the joint witness of many multimedia. The reason why the exhibition attracts people's attention is that its central intention is to promote the new concept of "energy-saving building" to every visitor

the Empire State building was renovated at a cost of $500million, of which $100million was used for energy conservation. The exhibition just held is to explain how to save energy through high technology and reduce the operation cost of the building in the form of multimedia. Moenberg, an energy-saving transformation designer, said at the press conference that he hoped that while maintaining the historical face of the Empire State Building, it would be possible to collect organic kitchens in Jilin Province as a "model of energy conservation"

the Empire State building is a landmark building in New York. It was built in 1931, with 102 floors and 73 elevators. It was once the highest building in the world and was praised by the American Society of civil engineers as one of the seven transition wonders in the modern world

it was learned at the site that this huge reconstruction plan will add thermal insulation to 6500 windows of the whole building, and redesign the energy system and temperature regulation system connecting all air conditioners, fans and lighting facilities. In addition, the iconic lobby of the Empire State building will be transformed. Facing the high investment in energy-saving transformation, Markin, a spokesman for the Empire State Building, said optimistically to the media: "this investment will be recovered soon." He made an account: 480 tons of carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced every year by adding thermal insulation to windows, saving us $190000 a year; A simple air filtration can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1430 tons per year, saving 67. $60000. As the energy-saving income of the building is very considerable, the investment cost can be recovered in about three years

in addition, during the reconstruction, the Empire State building will redesign the station and add Chinese translation, hoping to attract more Chinese tourists. Now, the Empire State building is a must visit place for Chinese tourists to visit New York, receiving about 150000 Chinese tourists every year

the energy-saving renovation project of the Empire State building was started in april2009 and is expected to be completed by the end of this year. The completed Empire State building is expected to reduce energy consumption by 38% per year and carbon dioxide emissions by 10% in the next 15 years. 50000 tons, equivalent to reducing the emissions of about 20000 vehicles every year. "This energy-saving transformation will not only reduce the energy consumption of the Empire State Building and its adverse impact on the environment, but also provide a replicable model for similar projects around the world," Malkin said

the energy-saving renovation plan of the Empire State building also has various effects. At present, the building has 302 corporate tenants, including tourists, with a daily flow of about 1. 30000 yuan. The property management company of the building estimates that after the green energy-saving transformation is completed, it will not only be a good environmental education for tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world every day, but also be expected to absorb 5. The refrigeration materials should be dismantled and replaced on time to attract more large company customers

in addition, if an old building with a history of more than 70 years, such as the Empire State Building, can complete the green energy-saving transformation and greatly reduce energy consumption, it will undoubtedly play a strong exemplary role in the energy-saving transformation of many old buildings. As Mayor Bloomberg of New York once emphasized, the practice of the Empire State building shows that the existing buildings in New York City, no matter how high or how old, can take measures to significantly reduce energy consumption

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