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Emmale uses labels to help save African elephants

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core tip: African elephants are suffering from the greed of human beings for ivory, which enables them to achieve outstanding achievements in their business and at the same time to be brutally slaughtered, resulting in the number of elephant populations falling to the critical point of species survival. In order to attract social attention and save elephants, the South African Emmanuel brand, together with printing companies SA litho and HP indigo, launched a charity activity. Please see the detailed report from gill loubser, our special correspondent in Africa

[China Packaging News] African elephants were brutally murdered due to human greed for ivory, which reduced the number of elephant populations to the critical point of species survival. In order to attract social attention and save elephants, the South African Emmanuel brand, together with printing companies SA litho and HP indigo, launched a charity activity. Please see the detailed report from gill loubser, our special correspondent in Africa

African elephants used to be widely distributed in the whole African continent. However, with the expansion of human settlements and the continuous strengthening of activities, especially in order to obtain Ivory benefits, people brutally hunt elephants, which poses a very serious threat to the entire elephant population. The fracture phenomenon of thermal insulation materials without significant appearance deformation, water absorption and air permeability, has led to a sharp decline in the number of many populations. According to statistics, there were about 5million to 10million elephants living on the African continent in 1930, but by 1979, the number of African elephants had plummeted to 1.3 million. In 1989, African elephants were listed as endangered. At that time, there were only 600000 left, less than 1% of their original number. At present, there are only 400000 African elephants in the world

the situation is getting worse and worse. The survival of African elephants is approaching the critical point. The data collected by the author shows that about 100 elephants are killed every day due to Ivory trading, and their population has been reduced to the minimum of species survival

amarula cream liqueur (English: amarula cream liqueur) in South Africa is well known for its image of African elephant and manula tree on its brand trademark. Therefore, it is also known as "elephant cream wine" or "elephant wine". Manula tree is a unique tree species in South Africa (also distributed in West Africa and Madagascar). Because its fruit can make wine, it is called "drunk tree" locally. It is said that African elephants like to eat its fruit very much. When they overeat this fruit and drink some water, they will go crazy, some will run wild, and more will stagger and sleep until three days later

the grinding surface of Emmanuel sample and the polishing disc should be absolutely parallel and evenly pressed on the polishing disc. Liqueur has achieved great success in the market since the introduction of elephant as its brand image. Then his team in distell planned a perfect marketing plan, aiming to arouse social resonance and unite consumers to resist the consumption of ivory products, so as to achieve the goal of saving elephants

a huge market activity called "name them, save them" initiated by distell company has aroused people's attention to the fact that the African elephant population is shrinking and on the verge of extinction

the first phase of Emmanuel's "naming them and saving them" campaign officially began in October last year. The theme is to launch an activity and invite global users to visit the digital African prairie. In this activity, users can not only create a virtual African elephant, but also give the elephant a name, and share the elephant image they created with their relatives and friends or natural resource conservationists. Distell promises to donate US $1 to the elephant conservation organization for each digital elephant created

subsequently, at the duty free show held in the United States, Emmanuel launched the second stage of marketing activities. This time, the digital pachyderms are given new life through printing - 400000 African elephants with unique names are printed on the label of Emmanuel. Each bottle of Emmanuel is a reminder that there are only 400000 African elephants left in the world

the wine label of Emmanuel is printed by SA litho company (a subsidiary of CTP packaging group) in Cape Town, South Africa. These 400000 bottles of wine have been sold in duty-free stores around the world, as well as markets in South Africa, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Britain and the United States

introduction of digital printing technology

Emmanuel's marketing campaign was officially announced at the dscoop (digital solutions Cooperation Organization) conference held in Cape Town. During this period, SA litho shared its experience on how to use HP indigo digital printer and smartstream mosaic software to process 400000 unique labels in order to cooperate with the smooth implementation of this marketing campaign

all the guests present at the meeting said that they were absolutely right. This event set up a new model of industrial cooperation for the industry, that is, how to cooperate with brands and finally successfully push them to the market after the birth of a good creative idea

in this marketing case, Mr. Leon witbooi, executive director of CTP packaging group in Western Cape (the parent company of SA litho), and Ms. Claudia agostinelli, communication manager of SA litho, both contributed greatly. Firstly, Mr. witbooi was the first to realize the importance of agostinelli team and continuously encouraged her to tap the change potential of HP smartstream mosaic software; When the agostinelli team thoroughly understood the lifestyle of the millennials, Mr. witbooi gave the team the biggest award. Mr. witbooi also introduced Mr. Hadar Peled vaissman, Creative Manager of HP indigo, and the agostinelli team to improve the capacity of HP indigo digital printers in SA litho. At the same time, in order to ensure the overall success of this event, Mr. witbooi also closely united kemtek imaging systems, HP's agent in South Africa

the innovative cooperation between Emmanuel and SA litho also created numerous firsts for HP indigo digital printer and smartstream mosaic software: Emmanuel became the first brand in Africa to use HP smartstream mosaic software for digital marketing; Emmanuel liqueur is the first alcohol product to be promoted globally with HP smartstream mosaic software; Mosaic software was used for the first time to carry out marketing activities for the purpose of charitable fund-raising; This is also the first large-scale brand marketing activity that HP indigo digital printing press participated in in in Africa

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