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In addition to the pattern, grade and style of duplex decoration, I now want to say a few points that should be paid attention to.

in addition to the pattern, grade and style of duplex decoration, I now want to say a few points that should be paid attention to:

first, water heaters with different heating methods:

water heaters are now mainly divided into three types: electric water heaters, solar water heaters and gas water heaters. The toilets on the same floor of Tiantongyuan duplex house are generally far apart. If electric water heaters are used, I suggest that each toilet use an independent water heater, which can not only save electric energy and water resources, but also reduce the decoration cost. If the gas water heater is used, the kitchen and bathroom can be shared on the ground floor. However, it should be reminded that even if all gas water heaters with strong exhaust are now, safety issues must be considered. Remember not to place the water heater in the bathroom (gas combustion will consume oxygen). For the second floor, if the gas water heater on the first floor is used to supply hot water, there may be insufficient hot water supply due to water pressure. The solar water heater runs the pipe through the flue to send hot water to each floor of the duplex, but we must also consider the fixation of the water pipe, otherwise, when you open the water pipe, you will hear the "pa pa" knock. Although the one-time input cost of solar energy is relatively high, it is actually the most economical if apportioned

second, we should consider the safety of stairs:

the stairs in the duplex structure are done well, which is expensive, but we must also consider the safety while pursuing beauty. For example, is the handrail firm and reliable? Is the turning point too sharp? Is the ladder surface too smooth? wait. These will cause hidden dangers for children or the elderly to go upstairs and downstairs. We must increase the safety factor, say bigger, for the sake of happiness

III. safety protection measures for balcony and balcony doors and windows:

the terrace in the same building of Tiantongyuan is basically a "brother company", at this time, safety issues should be considered more or less. It is recommended to add protective windows and doors after decoration. In addition, the balcony glass on the first floor basically has no safety guardrail, and it is best to add it together

IV. distribution boxes should be set on each floor

distribution boxes should be set in layers in duplex rooms, which is conducive to safe power use, wire protection and fault reduction. For example, in a duplex room, a socket wire is pulled from the bottom floor to the upper floor, with a long line and more power loss. Because according to the regulations, only 6 sockets are allowed to be installed in one route, and the concealed pipe laying wire shall be as short as possible, and the bending times shall be reduced. If a route is set from the bottom to the top, the conductor is too long and bent. Once the conductor is damaged, it is difficult to find out the fault section and replace the conductor. Some houses have adopted the three-phase four wire system, but the current balance must be considered when using electricity, otherwise it will cause tripping

in addition, when the distribution box is set separately, it must not be connected from the distribution box, but should be set separately from the meter box, otherwise, once it trips, it will cause the overall trip and affect the overall use





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