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Siemens: add color to the "smart airport"

China Southern Airlines' CZ3097 flight taxis slowly on the runway. This Boeing 777 carrying more than 240 Taiwan compatriots will be the first mainland flight to Taipei Airport in 56 years

8:05, the plane flew into the air. The background for this historical scene is the new Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, which is like a crystal city in the clear sky

the new Baiyun Airport, which has been open for only 6 months, is recognized as "one of the smartest airports in the world". The unique architectural style, complete and advanced service facilities, elegant and comfortable waiting environment and safe and efficient guarantee capacity have made the new Baiyun airport one of the world's first-class airports

New Baiyun Airport, one of the three largest airports in China, is like a giant with a large body and a smart mind. In this grand project involving hundreds of manufacturers, Siemens products play a special role in adding color to the "smart airport"

more than 40000 lights, showing clear natural light color and exquisite route; Air conditioning frequency converter enables the terminal of 300000 square meters to "know the cold and know the hot"; The building automation system makes the reinforced concrete buildings with complicated structures "considerate"; The SOC voice communication dispatching system, which serves China Southern Airlines and other airlines, ensures the smooth arrangement of flights - everything from Siemens operates silently, but is irreplaceable

smart Airport

located in Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport, Huadu in the north of Guangzhou, about 28 kilometers away from the downtown of Guangzhou, it is the first airport in China to be planned and designed according to the standards of international hub airport. The advantage of late development gives this new airport some advantages that Beijing Capital Airport and Shanghai Pudong Airport cannot compare

the Pearl River Delta region radiated by the new Baiyun Airport is the region with the earliest opening up, the most active economy and the most obvious export-oriented characteristics in China. It is expected that the region will maintain a GDP growth rate of about 12% in the next few years. As the aviation hub of South China, New Baiyun Airport has attracted much attention because of its geographical advantages. This huge project with a cost of 19.6 billion yuan took five years. The first phase of the terminal has a construction scale of more than 300000 square meters. The annual passenger throughput is 25million person times and 1million tons of goods. During peak hours, 90-100 aircraft take off and land and 9300 passengers. In its long-term planning, the terminal's annual passenger throughput can reach 80million person times

the new Baiyun Airport, which is expected to be among the top 20 international airports, not only becomes a high-tech boutique due to its ultra-high technical content, but also enables people living in it to experience the humanized characteristics of convenience, practicality, consideration, carefulness and care

the terminal building with three-dimensional curved shape, smooth lines, tall and broad adopts steel structure roof truss and point glass curtain wall enclosure structure, and the internal space is high, open and transparent. The roof of the main building is designed as a two-story arc roof with different gentle curvature, and the roof with staggered height is like a roc spreading its wings. The tensile membrane material used for the top cover of the high-rise building has transparent

characteristics, forming a long skylight on the roof of the main building, which echoes with the glass skylight on the roof of the corridor. It not only receives natural light energy for the terminal, but also creates a wonderful feeling of changing light and shadow for passengers

the internal and external landscape of the new airport building is unified and coordinated in gray, blue and green, showing a strong southern charm everywhere: two landscape rivers pass by circuitously, the drainage in the new airport is treated by environmental protection facilities and flows into the sparkling clear river here, and the river banks are planted with flowers and plants; Banyan trees with crown

covered pavilions are planted in the large open parking lot of 220000 square meters on the north and south sides of the terminal, which is green

"smart lights" build the crystal city a friend named "nanguoxing" described the feeling of the new Baiyun Airport to him: in the huge waiting building, the lights are like lovely elves, everywhere, but they seem to make you unaware of their existence, no matter day or night

according to professionals, the biggest feature of the lighting system of the new airport is that it is mainly reflected light. The design of indirect lighting makes all indoor lights free of glare, and the lights are softer and more uniform, giving people a comfortable and quiet feeling

only the imperfect service and the moving evaluation are: in the new Baiyun Airport, lighting is also one of many building materials. Don't be dazzling, just pursue harmony and softness. The invisible building material of lighting makes the whole terminal like a translucent crystal, which complements the surrounding natural environment. It not only reflects the unity of architecture and lighting, but also

reflects the unity of architecture and environment

it is said that the lighting system of New Baiyun Airport is the most "smart". The new Baiyun Airport has invested 160million yuan to build the lighting system. 80-90% of the light sources come from the hydraulic universal testing machine: the universal testing machine based on the hydraulic principle. OSRAM, a subsidiary of Siemens. Liuwendong, who is in charge of OSRAM's project at the new Baiyun Airport, still remembers that when the new airport rehearsed more than a year ago, he felt the surprise and shock of the lighting system for the first time. "I am proud and happy that the products sold by my own hands can play an outstanding role in such a large project." He said

the main terminal is the place that can directly reflect the airport lighting system. A large number of OSRAM high luminous efficiency energy-saving intubation Dulux t/e32w, 42W, high color rendering T8, T5 straight tube fluorescent lamps and supporting electronic ballasts are used in the lighting system of the main terminal. Liuwendong said that these products fully meet the requirements of the new airport for lighting products: high luminous efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection

a large number of double ended quartz and ceramic metal halide lamps hqi-ts/hci-ts and supporting electronic ballasts and inductive ballasts are used in the new airport. There are not only small metal halide lamps with low power of 70 to avoid impurities such as water, but also high-power metal halide lamps with power of 400W, 1000W and 2000W for indoor and outdoor floodlighting. The use of various high luminous efficiency and energy-saving fluorescent lamps and high color rendering metal halide lamps makes the new airport truly become a new environmental friendly international airport and a new airport city all night

as the main lighting partner of the new Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, OSRAM China provided 52000 lights and 39500 electronic ballasts. "This is the largest single order OSRAM China has received in the past 10 years." Belinda Chen, marketing manager of OSRAM China, said. "This project is so important that it makes the public pay attention to OSRAM, which is a great gain."

OSRAM's involvement in the new Baiyun airport project began in August 2000, thanks to the professional status of OSRAM products in the industry and good cooperation with airport lighting designers. Finally, OSRAM authorized suppliers

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