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Where did the geomantic omen that triggered the ghost house effect come from

1. Extreme Yin leads to ghost house the book of changes believes that the so-called ghost also represents a negative negative energy, because people belong to Yang. This negative energy is too strong, it will affect people's health. If a house has accumulated death for a long time, withered substances exist, and the cold and dark are normalized, it is easy to form a cathode magnetic field. This is like putting too much ice, and the water will become very cold. People will naturally feel frozen into the bone marrow after drinking. Therefore, the negative energy is too strong and the bad luck is too deep, which is one of the causes of the ghost house. In order to cure ghost houses, it is often necessary to start from this aspect and regulate the balance of yin and Yang in Feng Shui

[background] No. 81, chaoyangmennei street, Beijing

chaonei 81 was built in 1905. During the Republic of China, a Kuomintang officer lived there and married a aunt. Later, when he was defeated in the war, he fled to Taiwan, but left the aunt behind. Later, the aunt was hanged in her house. From then on, the house began to be shrouded in the "female ghost ghost" and became a ghost house. Now, local people say that the old house is too gloomy. Whenever it rains or winds, there will be gloomy cries in the old house at night, sometimes mixed with sounds like broken glass, which is very terrible

2. Orientation leads to ghost house

orientation is also called vertical orientation in Feng Shui. The vertical orientation of a house is very important, which mainly refers to a geographical orientation. For example, some empty houses often hurt the nervous system of the head of household and make the people who have lived for a long time uneasy. In terms of Feng Shui, this is also a way to gather ghosts. There are also some that stand in the direction of Yin, with small air inlets and less lighting. Often, the actual light cannot be guaranteed on one side of the four sides. If several wrong directions happen to be gathered together, the house will be restless day and night. Over time, it will become a ghost house

[background] Jinsong Ghost Building

around 1984, a major event occurred in Beijing. At that time, people living near Jinsong were all panic stricken. It is said that the building where Mr. Li lives is haunted. Whenever it is dark, you can hear the sad cry as soon as you enter the door of the building, and you can see the flickering lights around you. The lights in the corridor are also flickering, which is frightening. But in the dead of night, when everyone goes to sleep, there is a lot of excitement outside the door. The voices of chatting, moving, fighting and scolding children are all clear. However, when people open the door, the voice suddenly stops, leaving only an empty space

3. Accumulation of obscurity leads to ghost house

accumulation of obscurity refers to the accumulation of too many dark substances. In the house, there are usually different representatives in different directions. For example, the leading position in the household is the male host, the position of power, the position of leader, and the position of Kun is the female host. If there are too many bad things in the leading position, the male host is bound to suffer disaster. Generally speaking, when dark matter appears in some important positions, the things represented by its position will be destroyed. In the case of ghost houses, if some houses complain that too many people have died. It happens that in some important positions, it is a serious damage to the overall Feng Shui of the house

[background] ghost eighth floor

it is reported that this building has become a ghost house because many people jumped from it in the 1960s and 1970s. Behind the building is a random cemetery where the dead were buried. Over the years, the building has been overgrown with weeds and dilapidated. There are many legends about this solitary building. The most popular one is the "solitary soul of the black building" terrorist event, which is called "a strange building with no access". In 1989, the film "solitary soul in black building" with this building as the background once scared the audience to death

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