OTB and Trident cooperate to develop solar energy

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On December 1, 2009, the company announced that it will cooperate with solar jet printing technology as part of the development of solar jet printing technology. It is expected that this will include lp50 research and development tools and element system

the combination of Trident inkjet printing and otbsolar software enables lp50 and element system to provide low-cost and accurate inkjet material deposits for application in the solar market

Trident Solar's inkjet printing head is characterized by stainless steel structure and design, which enables the nozzle plate to be disassembled, ultrasonic cleaned and reassembled. The 256jet inkjet printhead is inert and can spray many solar processing liquids, such as phosphorus dopant and alkaline etchant

otbsolar has proposed two inkjet printing solutions to be applied to the solar market. The lp50 is a research and development tool, which has been used in the development of inkjet materials, processes and applications. The element system is a flexible inkjet printing system, which is further expanded from application development to pilot scale and large-scale production on the basis of lp50. The tool can test the tensile properties of Jinan gold testing FRP, including the tensile properties of glass fiber fabric reinforced plastics and chopped glass fiber reinforced plastics, to deal with products of 5, 6 and 8 inches in size, and the output can be up to 1500 chips/hour

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