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Saint Gobain group controls freeglass in Germany. Last month, Saint Gobain, one of the world's largest automotive glass manufacturers, acquired the shares of its co-author schefenacker in the joint venture freeglass. Freeglass was founded in 2001 by Saint Gobain and schefenacker GmbH. Freeglass is one of the first producers of polycarbonate window glass in the commercial market. Its injection molded PC window glass has been adopted by Mercedes Benz and Ford. The specific purchase terms have not been announced. It is understood that freeclass has 130 employees and an annual output value of about 270 million euros

some specific transactions have not been disclosed by schefenacker. Schefenacker GmbH is a manufacturer of automotive exterior mirror glass. On the 11th of this month, the company has changed its name to vis, including iocorp PLC. At the beginning of this year, in order to avoid bankruptcy, schefenacker divided the company's business into two parts: the very stable nature of chemical materials such as lighting industry and the automotive glass industry. Among them, the automotive glass business has been transferred to the UK to take advantage of the UK bankruptcy insolvency law to reduce the company's losses. At present, the company's automotive glass business is headquartered in Portchester, UK

injection molded PC window glass still has a wide application prospect in the future. Many manufacturers have invested in this field. For example, in August last year, SABIC also obtained all the shares of its partners in the joint venture PC window glass company

in addition, local media in Germany reported that the lighting glass business of schefenacker in schwaikheim will also be restructured, and about 500 workers' unions are facing unemployment

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