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Sany Beijing pile machine: leading the trend of refinement of industrial products

Sany Beijing pile machine: leading the trend of refinement of industrial products

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in this era of focusing on visualization, the appearance of construction machinery and equipment has also been paid attention to. Beijing piling machine, the first brand of piling equipment in China, began to increase the refinement of products after breaking the monopoly of foreign equipment and creating the first engineering method research institute in China. However, product refinement is not only a beautiful "face". Only by starting with internal Kung Fu can we create real works of art

the independent innovation of Beijing pile machine equipment

a exhibited at 2014 Shanghai BMW exhibition has made China's first brand

when Sany entered the pile industry, rotary drilling is still a strange term for China. At that time, a large number of pile foundation construction basically used percussion drills and manual hole digging, and less than 10% of the construction sites used rotary drilling rigs. However, even this 10% is monopolized by foreign expensive products

"the country is in a period of rapid development. A series of infrastructure such as the Qinghai Tibet railway, the Olympic project and the Wuhan Guangzhou high-speed railway have been built. Seeing the market, Sany has decided to enter the piling machinery industry." Ding Shengju, executive deputy general manager of Beijing pile machine, said that Beijing pile machine came into being, which guided the industry to form a benign development trend. In that year, the first sr220c was developed and produced, and the success of the Qinghai Tibet Railway broke the monopoly of foreign brands

seeing the launching of Beijing pile machine, many domestic companies have also entered the pile machinery industry. In the face of more fierce competition, Beijing pile machine focuses on R & D and innovation. In 2007, Mr. Beijing pile probability produced the domestic rock drilling rig SR220R. Later, Beijing pile machine took the lead in launching the "large tonnage" pile machine. Under the given external stress conditions, intelligent drilling rig and the largest drilling rig in Asia, which has been leading the trend of domestic drilling rig research and development. The Construction Method Research Institute, the first in China, provides customers with intimate construction methods

high quality products, efficient service and considerate construction method support finally make Beijing pile driver stand in the front of the industry. It is understood that in 2014, the domestic market share of Beijing pile machine reached 30.4%

b deeply touched to improve the level of refinement

"in fact, the pile driver industry has low requirements for refinement, but we feel the gap with more advanced products." Ding Shengju is also the commercial director of the manufacturing of Beijing pile driving machine. He said that the high refinement of excavator and pump truck is deeply touched, and the company also hopes to provide more value to customers. Of course, accelerating the pace of internationalization is also a major vertical and horizontal. We don't know how to choose the reason

robot welding drill pipe

the whole machine assembly workshop of Beijing pile machine is in order

in order to pursue refinement, Beijing pile machine has established a Lean quality department, established relevant standards and produced a refinement atlas, so that everyone can promote refinement on the same platform. "It took us two years to do these basic work. Later, with the help of equipment upgrading, we made a leap in the level of refinement." Ding Shengju said that in 2011, Sany had a new factory in Nankou, Beijing. Automatic cutting equipment and automatic welding robots replaced manual repair and production to reduce mistakes in the production process. Coupled with the management mechanism in logistics and other links, the refinement level of Beijing pile machine has been improved again

"the three dimensions of design, process and management need to be integrated." In Ding Shengju's view, design is the source of product refinement, and good design will bring beautiful appearance. The new products of Beijing pile driving machine started from scratch and the overall equipment was rearranged, thus creating a new industrial shape. The current Beijing pile machine uses a special chassis for the pile machine and a tailor-made deceleration mechanism, which has a more stable center of gravity and stronger rock entry ability, improves the reliability and reduces the construction cost for users. On the outside, the powerful and solid appearance will make customers feel that "this is what I feel in my heart". "Starting with internal skills, returning to customer needs and Rethinking products will naturally bring industrial changes and really fit customer ideas." Ding Shengju said

C leading peers lead the trend of refinement

the fine achievements of Beijing pile machine were fully exhibited at BMW exhibition. After visiting the exhibition booth, senior users of pile driving machine decided that "Sany equipment can really hit rocks", and other imitators "look like but not like God". The customer was not satisfied with the prototype of a certain brand in Malaysia, but he was not satisfied with it

in the summary of the refinement review of BMW Exhibition Group in 2014, the rotary drill exhibited by Beijing pile machine was evaluated in this way: "the refinement level is absolutely leading in the same industry, especially the rubber hose bundle at the main and auxiliary winch and power head is neatly, orderly and beautiful. In addition, the coating and process manufacturing level of rotary drill are beyond the reach of domestic manufacturers."

"internal changes will be reflected on the outside, and the refinement of appearance will also reflect the product quality. If the refinement is poor, the quality is often unstable." Ding Shengju said that after Sany improves the refinement level, the needs of customers have also changed, and they will look at the equipment with a more critical eye, which makes many peers work hard on refinement. "Refinement in essence represents the management of stable quality and cost of products." Ding Shengju said that in the future, Beijing pile machine will still adhere to independent innovation, make the perfect combination of function and industrial modeling, and build Sany pile machine equipment into works of art

super large sr420 Ⅱ of Beijing pile driver under construction - Photo by sun Yujie

testing machine

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