If I go out, the Taliban will kill me... if I stay

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'If I go out, the Taliban will kill me.or 170 per million... if I stay at homeand manufacturing remain ineligible for vaccination in Ontario based on their employment status alone., poverty will' - Today News Post Today News || UK News

TWO Afghans in hiding from the Taliban in their home country – and in fear for their lives – have spoken to The Ferret seeking urgent help from the UK Government.

They said the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) must “do the right thing” and help desperate families who have not been evacuated from Afghanistan despite working for UK companies or government departmentsOwn a Toyota or HondaNew insurance data shows soaring theft rates, which puts them in grave danger.

They were backed by Scottish opposition MPs and campaigners who said that while the UK Government’s failure to act “would not be forgotten” it must now step in to offer food aid and evacuation assistance to take people out of danger through the resettlement scheme.

The men, who we are calling Ahmad and Sadiqi – pseudonyms to protect their identities – applied for help from the UK Government and believe they should have qualified for evacuation to the UK. They have documentation to back up their claims, which has been seen by The Ferrett. Sign up for First Up.

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