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Guizhou Province spot check found that liquefied petroleum gas is adulterated with dimethyl ether

yesterday, Guizhou Provincial Institute of product quality supervision and inspection organized special training for technicians of liquefied petroleum gas filling business units across the province to prevent the mixing of dimethyl ether in liquefied petroleum gas, seriously damaging the interests of consumers and eliminating the resulting unsafe hidden dangers

according to on-site experts, dimethyl ether is a coal chemical product. After it is mixed with LPG, it will swell and destroy the seals of ordinary gas cylinders in people's homes, which will cause potential safety hazards of gas leakage. Moreover, because its price is far lower than that of LPG, illegal businessmen mix a large number of dimethyl ether and wholesale it to LPG filling business units, which seriously infringes on the interests of consumers, National Honeywell solstice brand HFO series products can replace hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) materials with high global warming potential. Relevant departments have ordered to prohibit the mixing of liquefied petroleum gas with dimethyl ether, Guizhou Provincial Institute of product quality supervision and inspection found that "If there are good bidders, the mixing phenomenon is not optimistic. This special training aims to improve the ability of technicians in business units to identify mixed gases and prevent mixed gases from flowing into thousands of households.

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