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With regard to the development highlights of the domestic printing industry in 2012, the measures for the administration of digital printing, the measures for the implementation of the evaluation system of the national printing and reproduction administrative law enforcement report, the development plan of the printing industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the announcement on the implementation of green printing, and the measures for the administration of national printing and reproduction demonstration enterprises, 2011 can be called the policy construction year of the printing industry, The General Administration of publication has intensively released a number of policy documents related to the printing industry. Although there are many industrial policies, they have the same policy tendency, that is, they all take the transformation of development mode and industrial structure adjustment as the main line, and take digital printing, green environmental protection, becoming bigger and stronger, and strengthening supervision as the main direction. The strategic deployment will be carried out in the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan and will be thoroughly implemented in the second year. At the beginning of the new year, this newspaper interviewed caohongsui, deputy director of the printing and distribution management department of the General Administration of publishing, on the above-mentioned focus of the printing industry, hoping to sort out the general context of the development of China's printing industry in 2012

highlight 1 Revision of the administrative regulations

Q: Liu Binjie, director of the General Administration of publication, mentioned in his report at the National Publishing Work Conference on January 4 that we should actively promote the revision of the administrative regulations on the printing industry. Why should we revise it

answer: the printing industry management regulations were revised in 2001 and promulgated on the eve of China's accession to the WTO. It has been 10 years since China joined the WTO. In the past 10 years, China's printing industry has developed rapidly and changed a lot. Some provisions of the "printing industry management regulations", which have been implemented for 10 years, are no longer in line with the current development situation, so they need to be revised. This year, the General Administration will put the revision of the "printing industry management regulations" on the work agenda, which is certainly a good thing. This year, we launched the revision of the regulations. Our main work is to put forward opinions and suggestions on the revision of the regulations. As for the specific revision process, it also depends on which national legislative plan can be included in the end

highlight 2 go on to participate in law enforcement

Q: the General Administration issued the measures for the implementation of the evaluation system of the national printing and reproduction administrative law enforcement report last January, and the printing and distribution management department announced the evaluation results of the printing and reproduction administrative law enforcement work in various regions last December. What are the new measures this year

answer: This is a method we formulated according to the specific situation of printing and reproduction management. The purpose is to strengthen the law enforcement concept of administrative organs at all levels and urge law enforcement personnel to go on and participate in law enforcement. In recent years, the law enforcement data reported by all regions are very false. Only by letting it go can we really implement the law enforcement work. This year, we will distribute printed administrative law enforcement notebooks to all localities and distribute them to the county-level publishing administration. They should fill in the time, place and number of participants of each implementation of the upgrading stage method. In the future, we will go to some areas for random inspection and report the evaluation results to the local provincial government and the Publicity Department of the provincial Party committee

highlight 3 establish demonstration enterprises and encourage them to become bigger and stronger

Q: the General Administration of publication issued the "measures for the administration of national printing and reproduction demonstration enterprises" last December, proposing to build about 100 national printing demonstration enterprises and about 10 national CD replication demonstration enterprises nationwide by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan. What are the plans for the construction of demonstration enterprises this year? How many demonstration enterprises will be approved this year

A: we introduced this method at the end of last year, aiming to encourage enterprises to become bigger and stronger through policy support

we hope to make breakthroughs in policies, especially in the introduction of foreign capital. China has attracted a large number of foreign capital to enter the printing and reproduction market in the past 10 years since China's entry into the WTO. However, according to the current regulations, Chinese foreign joint-venture and Sino foreign cooperative publication printing enterprises, other printing enterprises and CD-ROM reproduction enterprises all require the Chinese party to hold shares. When we investigate enterprises, we find that some large-scale old state-owned enterprises with poor development often need to obtain investment in technology, equipment and capital, but it is difficult to do so by relying on their own strength. It is difficult to achieve the goal of introducing foreign capital because foreign capital cannot control it. In order to solve the problem of capital transformation of these old state-owned enterprises, we have made a big breakthrough in this approach, allowing foreign capital to hold shares, and the Chinese capital is not less than 30%. Of course, this is not an inclusive policy for all foreign investment, but an experimental policy for a very small number of demonstration enterprises. This is an exploration of our further opening up to foreign investment, and the Ministry of commerce also recognizes this clause

we also have many supporting policies for demonstration enterprises. For example, in terms of external processing, enterprises are required to approve before printing, which sometimes delays the construction period. In order to encourage demonstration enterprises to go out, the measures allow enterprises to review and print at the same time

as for how many demonstration enterprises are approved this year, there is no fixed number, and there is no place to report at present. Generally speaking, we will approve those that meet the conditions

highlight 4 the application of two major engineering projects has entered normal.

Q: in terms of digital printing and the construction of digital printing and green printing environmental protection system, how many projects has the general administration declared to the national development and Reform Commission this year? What is the content of the project? How is it going now

answer: in 2010, 10 projects of the two major printing industry projects coordinated and declared by the General Administration of the people's Republic of China received 54.2 million yuan of financial support from the central government. In 2011, the General Administration recommended 29 projects to the national development and Reform Commission and applied for more than two billion yuan. The projects declared in 2011 broke through the characteristics of equipment and materials projects in 2010, and many projects were declared by printing enterprises

these projects require enterprises to report to the local development and Reform Commission according to the procedure, and then the local development and Reform Commission reports to the national development and Reform Commission. At present, most of them have been reported to the national development and Reform Commission. After the approval of the national development and Reform Commission this time, it will not give a separate approval to the General Administration as in 2010, but with the issuance of the entire project by the national development and Reform Commission, the subsequent application work will enter the normal state

for printing and equipment and material enterprises, it is difficult to obtain project support through the national development and Reform Commission under normal circumstances, because the printing industry is only a small industry. However, with the efforts of the General Administration, the two major printing projects were listed as special projects and entered the key projects supported by the national development and Reform Commission, so there was room for project application

highlight 5 three percent of autumn textbooks turn green

Q: according to the announcement on the implementation of green printing issued by the General Administration and the Ministry of environmental protection, what is the deployment of 41 research institutions of the General Administration in this regard, including the Korean Academy of science and technology, to form a graphene alliance with 6 enterprises this year

A: in terms of lithography, green printing of primary and secondary school textbooks will enter a substantive stage this year, and green printing will be required from autumn textbooks. We plan to achieve a coverage rate of no less than 30% nationwide this year and full coverage next year. We will also take the green printing of primary and secondary school textbooks as the guide to drive the green printing of books, magazines, newspapers and other publications. In November last year, the first batch of 60 green printing enterprises were approved. Now the green certification of lithographic printing enterprises has entered the normal state. At present, there are about 70 certified enterprises

two national green printing standards will be issued this year. One is the bill printing standard, which is expected to be promulgated in the first half of this year. After the promulgation, the bill printing enterprises will start the green printing certification. The general administration plans to issue a document jointly with the Ministry of finance to strive to realize the green printing of bills as soon as possible. At present, there are about 500 or 600 bill printing enterprises in the country. The other is the gravure printing standard. Gravure printing is mainly used in the field of packaging, focusing on food packaging. After the introduction of the standard, we will carry out publicity, implementation and certification in the second half of the year, and plan to cooperate with the State Food and drug administration to start green printing on packaging products involving children, especially puffed food and drug packaging

highlight 6 promote digital printing

Q: the General Administration of Administration issued the "measures for the administration of digital printing" and the "catalogue of productive digital printing machines (2011)" last year. What other relevant policies and measures will the General Administration introduce this year

answer: in order to encourage the development of digital printing, we formulated this method last year, and there are many breakthroughs. For example, we encourage enterprises to develop digital printing, especially digital printing of publications; Support enterprises to carry out digital printing chain operation and simplify the relevant business procedures of chain enterprises

in order to find out how many enterprises there are in digital printing, we found that the wood flour was heated and the output value, we specially added an item when printing and distributing the notice on carrying out the annual verification of printing enterprises in 2012, requiring all regions to strengthen the statistics and research of digital printing. Specifically, we require all localities to strengthen the investigation and verification of the number of digital printing franchise enterprises and part-time enterprises, the digital printing output value of various enterprises, and the installed number of production-oriented digital printers according to the approval of digital printing enterprises and the increase of digital printing capacity of traditional printing enterprises, so as to comprehensively grasp the development of digital printing in this region, And in view of the new situation and new problems in the development of digital printing, timely study and put forward policies and measures to promote the development of digital printing industry and strengthen digital printing management

highlight 7 realize intensive management

Q: the General Administration has paid attention to the construction of parks in recent years. What kind of printing parks does the General Administration encourage to develop this year

answer Huang Maosong, senior consultant of China Polyurethane Industry Association, pointed out that at present, China has two national parks: Shanghai Jinshan national green creative printing demonstration park and Xi'an National Printing and packaging industry base. The park is a means to expand the printing industry. Because printing requires intensive management, China's large printing groups are usually dominated by foreign capital. It is usually difficult for domestic capital, especially private capital, to become an enterprise with an output value of several billion, so the construction of the park is very important

I think the printing park should not be a geographical concept, but an industrial concept. For example, the concept of Harbin printing and publishing culture and Technology Industrial Park is very advanced. The park is unified in construction, operation, logistics and transparent management, forming an industrial chain and realizing intensive management

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