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What is the difference between food rubber seals and ordinary sealing rings

common food rubber seals are made of silicone rubber. If it is a food grade sealing gasket (gasket), it is generally made of EPDM. Food rubber seals or mechanical seals must have high-efficiency tear resistance to ensure the sealing effect

anti Si performance food grade silicone rubber seal ring is different from ordinary seal ring in that silicone material is generally not easy to elongate and will turn white; However, the silicone rubber seal with anti-corrosion performance will not turn white during the tearing process, and its elongation performance is better than that of fy2017, which is not easy to break; Its breaking toughness, tearing toughness and elongation are better than those of ordinary silicone rubber rings; Compared with general silicone rings, the production cost is higher, the environmental protection performance is better, and the transparency is also much higher

the specifications and models of seals can be made of different materials, such as synthetic rubber, nitrile rubber, polyurethane rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene and other materials, and can be made by combining the above different materials. According to the different needs of customers, the requirements of sealing materials are also different, and have different adaptability. We hope that the specification and material of the seal have the following characteristics:

this means that visibility is almost unimportant.

1. The material must have excellent sealing and not easy to leak. In fact, it does not mean that such a thick sample can be broken

2. The seal has appropriate mechanical strength and hardness

3. The rubber material has good compressibility and resilience, and small permanent deformation

4. Do not soften or decompose under high temperature, and do not harden or embrittle under low temperature

5. The friction coefficient of the seal is small and the wear resistance is good

6. It has softness combined with the sealing surface

7. It has good corrosion resistance, can work for a long time in acid, alkali, oil and other media, its volume and hardness change little, and does not adhere to the metal surface

secondly, food rubber seal products must also have the following characteristics:

1, high and low temperature impact resistance

2. Fast vulcanization speed during operation

3. It has a very low odor, and the substances released during vulcanization are harmless to human body

4. There is no need to use primer for bonding with a variety of substrates

5. It also has good heat resistance, ozone resistance and chemical resistance

6. It has excellent electrical insulation performance if the oil is inappropriate

7. Meet the standard food level detection

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