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On June 20, the price index of China Plastics (15110, -625.00, -3.97%, bar) fell 17.85 points to 1499.92 points, and the spot index of China Plastics fell 4.20 points to 1458.77 points

I. upstream express:

WTI crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell 4.75 points to $131.93/barrel today, and Brent crude oil fell 4.44 points to $132/barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

European styrene closed down $5 to $per ton FOB Rdam on Thursday. Market participants often attend industry conferences, and the market negotiation atmosphere is light. There is a single goods transaction in the market in July at US $1635/ton FOB Rdam. Some people in the market said that the amount of styrene this year was slightly better than expected, only 3% lower than last year, and the downstream polystyrene fell%

styrene FOB South Korea closed in US dollars, CFR China closed in 1634 5 dollars. Affected by the sluggish demand in China, the Ministry of industry and information technology organized the preparation of the "implementation plan of cleaner production technology in rare earth industry (from the luxurious version of XC90 to the compact X60 for comments)", which closed down 6.25 dollars and 5 dollars/ton respectively. FOB Korea foundation, at the close, there were four offers, but there was no buying. On the same day, the most competitive offer for any goods in late July and August was US $1630. The gap between CFR China and FOB South Korea has been lower than the freight level. Due to technical correction, the Asian market has fallen by nearly US $30/ton. However, more industry insiders tend to believe that cost pressure will drive the market back up, and some businesses believe that the price in the Asian market will not be lower than US $1600/ton. If SM prices remain stable or naphtha prices continue to rise slightly, South Korean SM manufacturers may reduce operating rates. In the domestic market, the transaction range in Jiangsu is yuan, and later many merchants closed their offers without reporting; In order to find out the cause of the fault, 300 yuan will be sent to the price in the negotiation interval in South China

III. local market conditions:

Changzhou Xinhu ABS factory quotation is stable. The quotation of ac-800 is 17500 yuan/ton, and ac-810 will not be produced temporarily. The sales this week are average, the inventory is not high, and the device operates normally

the public quotation of Zhenjiang Qimei ABS is stable, and the implementation period of this price is from June 16 to 20. Recently, the sales resistance is large, the inventory is not much, and the operating rate of the device is about 50%

the ps/abs market atmosphere in Yuyao plastic city continued to cool, and the market fluctuated downward. The market turnover is still relatively low, mainly because the operating rate of downstream factories is insufficient, and then left the site to wait and see. The overall receipt is less, and only sporadic procurement is maintained. Traders mainly ship goods. Although some of them have profit taking mentality, it is still difficult to ship goods. The latest mainstream quotation for domestic ABS is yuan/ton. Imported ABS is yuan/ton. GPPS is yuan/ton, hips is yuan/ton

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