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On January 20, a brief introduction to the spot ABS market of China Plastics Co., Ltd.

in the past 15 years, the price index of China Plastics Co., Ltd. has fallen by 0.7, driving the valve core to move axially to the left from 6 points to 793.5 points, and the spot index of China Plastics Co., Ltd. has fallen by 0.75 points to 883.02 points

I. upstream express:

WTI crude oil on the New York Mercantile futures exchange today was flat with yesterday, and Brent crude oil fell by $2.07/barrel to 44.5 yuan/barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

with the market fundamentals as strong as the European and American markets, the Asian pure benzene market soared by $27.5/ton on Monday, and FOB South Korea closed at 382 US $50/ton, Southeast Asia has been developing in the publishing industry for 7 consecutive years? 15 special activities for publishing product quality supervision and testing 359 50 dollars/ton. On Friday, pure benzene in FOB Gulf of the United States rose 9 cents/gallon in February and March, and the monthly valuation of CIF ara1 in Europe rose 9 dollars/ton to 280 dollars/ton. The opening price of pure benzene in March and April was $360 and 355/ton respectively, and then rose to $377 and $375/ton. The selling intention of pure benzene in March was about 380 dollars/ton, and the transaction to Mitsui in the morning was 375 dollars/ton. In the trading area, Vitol sold the next shipment to GS Caltex in February at $380/ton. Market merchants said that the futures premium in February and March is still strong, because goods will continue to arrive in the Asian market in the next two to three months, and some merchants still hold February goods. Japanese and Korean producers complained that although the price of pure benzene has risen, the potential demand threat in the downstream is still growing. On Friday, the price difference between naphtha and pure benzene was still negative $41.75/ton. China's spot market price is still hovering at yuan/ton

the spot price of styrene in Europe rose by US $41.5 to US $per ton. In January, the intended price of goods outside Europe was 680 US dollars/ton FOB Rotterdam, and the quotation of goods in February was about 720 US dollars/ton. Two orders of goods from European origin were traded at US $720/ton FOB lute until 2017, but they have not been confirmed yet. Due to the shutdown of major European manufacturers in December and January, resulting in tight supply in the European market, the quotation difference between European origin and imported goods in January was USD/ton. At present, the price difference between pure benzene and styrene is $353.5/ton FOB Rotterdam. Device: BASF will restart the styrene device in Ludwigshafen next week, with an annual capacity of 550000 tons

III. local market conditions:

the quotation of Ningbo Taihua ABS stabilized. 15a1 refers to the factory quotation of 9900 yuan/ton, 12a1 refers to the factory quotation of 9900 yuan/ton, and 15e1 refers to the factory quotation of 9700 yuan/ton. The actual transaction price is slightly lower than the ex factory quotation. Recent sales are OK, and there is not much inventory. The operating rate of the unit is%

the external quotation of Changzhou Xinhu ABS stabilized, and the reference quotation of ac-800 was 9550 yuan/ton. The recent sales are general, the inventory is not much, and the operation of the device is close to full load

this morning, the ps/abs market in Yuyao plastic city continued to maintain a stalemate. The quotation of manufacturers and merchants is mainly stable. Due to the low inventory pressure, although the downstream demand is poor, the mentality is still stable, but the transaction is flat. At present, the latest mainstream quotation of domestic ABS is yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of imported ABS is yuan/ton. The mainstream quotation of GPPS is yuan/ton, and that of hips is yuan/ton

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