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On January 17, China Plastics spot ABS market brief

China Plastics price index fell 0.18 points to 1273.33 points; The China Plastics spot index fell 0.77 points to 1248.31

I. upstream express:

WTI futures closed at $90.84 per barrel in New York commodity futures trading, down $1.06 from the previous trading day

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

the quotation of Ningbo Taihua ABS is stable, with 15a1 reference quotation of 15900 yuan/ton, 12a1 reference quotation of 15900 yuan/ton, and 15700 yuan/ton for 15e1 reference quotation. The actual transaction price is slightly lower than the quotation. The recent sales are basically normal, the inventory is not much, and the device is in full production

the external quotation of Zhenjiang Guoheng ABS continued to stabilize, and the actual transaction price was low. D180 is quoted at 15900 yuan/ton, and D190 is quoted at 15800 yuan/ton. Recently, the sales are average, the inventory is not high, and the device is in full production

the price of Zhenjiang Qimei ABS is stable, the overall sales is still relatively general, the supply of goods is normal, and the recent operation rate of the device is not high. The price of 707k is 15600 yuan/ton, and that of 757K is 15900 yuan/ton

the price of Panjin Ethylene ABS is stable, the price of ch510 is 14600 yuan/ton, and the contract price is slightly lower than 150 yuan/ton. The recent production is normal, and the inventory is not much. We will not release the goods today

the ABS price of Lanzhou Petrochemical is stable. The quotation in 301 province is 15100 yuan/ton, and the actual batch discount is implemented. The agency price is about 100 yuan/ton lower. The supply of goods is further reduced, the noise of the pump station is normal, and the recent sales are not smooth. Most of the goods are shipped to PetroChina region for sale, and the unit is in full production

III. local market conditions:

the crude oil market fell to around 90 cents/barrel, and the upstream raw material price of ABS was quite high. Today, the offer of domestic ABS manufacturers is still stable, and some manufacturers say that the sales have slightly weakened. As some small and medium-sized downstream factories have been shut down, it is difficult to expand terminal demand. Some materials in East China market fell slightly under the condition of increased shipping resistance; Some sources of goods in South China are relatively low for all domestic oil testing markets, and the price is relatively stable

the ABS market in Yuyao plastic city is still not much improved. The enthusiasm of downstream users to prepare goods before the festival is weak, the merchants operate in low positions, the quotation is basically stable, the market is relatively wait-and-see, and the overall transaction is weak. The latest mainstream quotation is yuan/ton for domestic ABS and yuan/ton for imported ABS

the quotation of Dongguan ABS market is basically stable, the popularity is obviously insufficient, and the business operation enthusiasm is reduced. 15a1 is reported at 15000 yuan/ton, 757 at 15550 yuan/ton, 15a1 at 14700 yuan/ton, 0215a at 14750 yuan/ton, 707k at 15000 yuan/ton, and the price of 757K hot rolled strip made in the United States increased by 28% to 15300 yuan/ton. (the above prices are tax exclusive)

Shunde ABS prices are basically stable. Due to the low start-up of downstream enterprises, the only remaining demand in the market is weak, and the trading volume is very light. 0215a is quoted at 14850 yuan/ton, 707k at 15050 yuan/ton, 757K at 15400 yuan/ton. Taihua 1 can complete 5A1 at 15100 yuan/ton in less than 3-5 months, Ningbo 121h at 15100 yuan/ton, 757 at 15650 yuan/ton. The transaction is weak and the market popularity is thin

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