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Hebei randomly selected 31 food paper packaging production enterprises and 7 problematic enterprises were ordered to rectify within a time limit

recently, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision organized special supervision and inspection and supervision sampling inspection on all 31 food paper packaging and container production enterprises that obtained production licenses in the province

the supervision and inspection found that the quality and safety subjects of 6 enterprises were not implemented in place. The main problems are: Xingtai Yihe Printing Co., Ltd. changed the production environment of the slitting workshop without permission, various production records of Ningjin Wanjia paper container products factory are incomplete, laboratory equipment has passed the verification validity period, products have no sales accounts, and the expansion of Shijiazhuang Beijie paper products Co., Ltd. has not been reported in time, Shijiazhuang Qiaodong lvfuyuan paper products factory and Xinhua lvjie paper cup processing department were relocated, but they did not apply for re examination in a short time. The raw material purchase and product sales records of Shenzhou Kaixin Printing Co., Ltd. were incomplete, and the conclusion of the inspection report did not meet the requirements. For enterprises with problems, when the geological supervision department has immediately ordered them to stop production for rectification and make corrections within a time limit; For those who fail to correct within the time limit or refuse to rectify, their production licenses will be revoked or cancelled according to law. In addition, the fixture of Baoding Huayang paper, the manufacturer of unqualified products, should not cause the sample to break at the fixture. When the geological supervision department has also ordered it to stop producing and selling unqualified products, sealed up the inventory of qualified products, and supervised the enterprise to recall the sold unqualified products; Next, the quality supervision department will supervise the enterprise to destroy the unqualified products

the quality supervision department also conducted sampling inspection of key items for a total of 68 batches of 22 batches of raw paper, 46 batches of food packaging paper and container finished products (16 paper cups, 14 food packaging paper, 9 paper bags and cartons, and 7 coated paper tableware) to achieve a more economical and environmentally friendly transformation of global energy use. After inspection, it was found that no fluorescent substances (brighteners) were detected in all samples; All inspected items of raw paper are qualified; 44 batches of finished products are qualified, and the qualified rate is 95.7%. The two batches of unqualified samples are that it is a great expense for any factory to purchase one such fatigue testing machine. The decolorization test (n-hexane) of paper bag products produced by Baoding Huayang paper plastic packaging Co., Ltd. on May 4, 2012 and hamburger paper products produced on May 15, 2012 are unqualified. According to reports, the main reasons for the disqualification of decolorization test (n-hexane) are the improper use of raw ink, or the poor control of printing process and other technical reasons. If the products that fail the decolorization test encounter oil in the process of use, the pigments and inks added in the process of papermaking and printing will dissolve in food, and long-term excessive intake will affect human health. In order to avoid similar contact with ink, the new paper cup standard requires that there should be a certain distance between the upper cup mouth and the lower bottom mouth

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