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There is a "diesel shortage" in many places in the south, and some private gas stations have run out of oil

affected by the expected increase in domestic oil prices, the supply restriction of wholesale units, the obstruction of transportation, and the poor arrival of resources, the diesel supply has shown a pattern of loose in the north and tight in the South recently, and there is a "diesel shortage" again in East China, central China, South China and southwest China, and the diesel shortage may intensify

in Changsha City, Hunan Province, a large number of private gas stations have put up "diesel free" signs. Guoyutao, the head of Jinshi gas station, said that ten days ago, there began to be signs of tight diesel supply in Changsha, which has intensified in the past three days. Since the evening of December 11, Jinshi gas station has completely stopped supplying diesel

many gas stations of Sinopec and PetroChina have also implemented limited supply for a week, and some gas stations even have no diesel at all at night. At a Sinopec gas station in Sifangping, Changsha, each vehicle can only add diesel worth 50 yuan each time. Huang Ying, the taxi driver who refuelled here, told that many gas stations can't add diesel, and what they can add is also limited supply. He had to think about where to go to refuel later while driving, and the deal in the market is good; Today, the billet rises by 20 yuan/ton, and a car needs to add oil about fiveorsix times a day. "You have to queue up to refuel. A lot of time is spent on refuelling. Recently, business is far worse than before."

on the highway, the problem of difficult refueling is more serious. Many truck drivers reported that diesel shortage has become a common problem in Central China. We can see that there are long refueling teams beside the gas stations in several service areas of the Changsha Xiangtan section of the Beijing Hong Kong Macao expressway. In Zhaoshan service area, from north to south, the queue of large trucks for refueling is at least two kilometers long. Master Zhao Changli, a driver who hauled coke from Inner Mongolia 42 ~ 86hr30n to Leiyang, Hunan Province, told that the diesel supply in the North was ok, and the more he went south, the more nervous he was. In Hubei Province, many gas stations could not add diesel at all at night. During the day, some gas stations under Sinopec were also limited in supply. Those with gas cards could add diesel worth 700 yuan, and those without gas cards could only add diesel worth 500 yuan, The situation in Hunan is similar

affected by the precipitation of the technical advantages of tight diesel supply, more than 20 buses of several bus companies in Changsha were temporarily suspended, while the long-distance freight losses on the Beijing Hong Kong Macao expressway were greater. Luo Xiong, a truck driver who runs short distance transportation in Hunan, reported that the waiting time has increased, which has seriously delayed business. Some drivers who transport fresh vegetables and livestock from south to North also complained, "no matter how fresh vegetables are, they will deteriorate in this line!"

this phenomenon in Hunan is not unique. The economic information daily (Weibo) learned that the freezing, rainy and snowy weather in the North has made negative diesel replace zero diesel as the mainstream of the market. The contradiction between supply and demand of diesel in the North has shown a trend of easing, while the imbalance between supply and demand in most regions of East China, central China, South China and Southwest has not improved, but has become more tense. Private gas stations have diesel shortages to varying degrees, There are signs of intensification in some areas

the information agency Anxin sixiwang energy tracked and counted the diesel in business situation of nearly 300 social service stations and nearly 350 main service stations across the country. It showed that 18% of social service stations were selling at excessive prices, 13% of social service stations and 15% of main service stations were limited in refueling, 15% of social service stations and 5% of main service stations were cut off, 7% of main service stations were queuing for refueling, and 56% of social service stations and 77% of main service stations could ensure normal sales

in view of the reasons for the new round of oil shortage, Zhongyu information analyst Shen Tao believes that the long-term high volatility of international crude oil prices has compressed the arbitrage space, reduced the enthusiasm of distribution and speculation in the market, and the phenomenon of low position wait-and-see is common. With the completion of the annual sales plan, most wholesale units began to shrink their resources. In order to avoid a sharp decline in oil prices and control sales for the accumulation of resources for the upcoming Spring Festival transportation, the supply of diesel resources in the market was tense, and many private oil enterprises had a situation of "no oil to sell"

the heads of several private gas stations in Changsha, Hunan told that private oil enterprises have no oil source, and most of them need to rely on PetroChina and Sinopec for supply. Even if many private gas stations get the bill of lading, it is difficult to buy diesel

the relevant person in charge of Sinopec Hunan Branch said that the current diesel shortage may only be a problem. Sinopec Hunan Branch has not reduced the diesel supply recently, but has increased the amount of diesel resources, and will be fully prepared to ensure the supply of diesel for the "two festivals"

"private oil enterprises now mainly take oil from Shandong local refinery. Although the current price of Shandong local refinery has fallen, the range is not large. Take 0# diesel oil as an example, the upside down price difference between wholesale and retail is still 100 to 200 yuan/ton. The more they sell, the more they lose, and eventually lead to the restriction or even closure of private gas stations." Shen Tao said

according to liaokaishun, a refined oil analyst at Xiwang energy, different from the main restricted supply factors in East and South China, the reason for the oil shortage in central and southwest China also lies in the blocked transportation and the poor arrival of resources. The dry season in the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River affects the smooth warehousing of diesel resources in Central China, Sichuan and Chongqing. In addition, as the Spring Festival approaches, the demand for diesel fuel for various freight trucks and passenger buses increases, further exacerbating the oil shortage

"the dry season of Xiangjiang River this year is long. Recently, the water level at Changsha station of Xiangjiang River is lower than 25 meters, which is the lowest water level this year. This is a necessary condition to determine whether large 10000 ton cargo ships can enter the port. Affected by this, the arrival of Hunan's main resources is not smooth." Jinyin Island market analyst he jieying explained

Hunan local industry insiders believe that with the further intensification of the dry water in the Xiangjiang River, the difficulty of oil transportation will further increase; The approaching of peak winter will lead to the increase of residents' domestic power consumption, and the emergence of power shortage will inevitably increase the demand for diesel, which will aggravate the oil shortage; The end of the year is the peak season for the logistics industry. With the arrival of the Spring Festival transportation, the demand for diesel in the transportation industry will also increase. Therefore, the diesel shortage may further intensify

Liao Kaishun also pointed out that the supply in East China, central China and other places is alleviated or blocked due to resource transportation capacity, and the mitigation cycle in some areas may be extended. Affected by the continuous narrowing of diesel resources, the diesel distribution volume of some main service stations has been reduced and the distribution cycle has been extended recently. At the same time, due to the factors of "high price oil" or "no oil to sell" of social service stations, more and more main service stations have been or will be in a situation of queuing, limited or even out of stock

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