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Die manufacturing benefiting from the water cutting system

if you drive a car, truck or SUV, the die used to manufacture the steering wheel may be manufactured by trim Tool & machine, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio

trim Tool & machine, founded in 1999, is a traditional "Mom and pop shop", providing abrasive water jet cutting, CNC milling, stamping and die-casting processing, as well as machinery manufacturing. The company with 8 employees serves many industries, from automobile to art to architecture, and is proud that it can deliver the goods on the same day if necessary within 2 to 3 days after receiving the order

Dane Willis, the owner of the company, said, "we work for people. When we take over the work, we will do it well. If the customer requires it on the same day, we will finish it on the same day. I will work overtime and operate the equipment myself. If we promise to work, we will do a good job."

trim Tool & machine all employees

trim Tool & machine are good at manufacturing gauges, fixtures, stamping dies, special machines, custom-made metal artworks, and the most famous is one of the largest steering wheel stamping die manufacturers in the United States. The dies produced are used by almost all automobile manufacturers in the United States

stamping die is a special stamping tool made of thick hardened steel, which is used to punch and cut excess metal from die castings to produce precise and consistent parts. Most companies use wire cutting EDM cutting dies. Willis said they use jet edge abrasive water jet cutting system because it is faster and more economical

"the water jet cutting system gives us a competitive advantage. The cost of one inch of water cutting is $3 to $5, while wire cutting costs $10. It is more than two-thirds of wire cutting. 85% of molds can use water cutting."

trim Tool & machine uses abrasive water cutting system to cut punching dies

although water cutting is famous for cutting thin materials, trim Tool & machine usually cuts thick hardened metals, including 9-inch-thick 4140 heat-treated steel

"usually, the most cutting is 4 to 6 inches. Everyone will be surprised to say, 'Wow, you are cutting thick plates'. We cut the thickest and successfully bypassed the limitations."

5 years ago, in order to gain competitive advantage, Willis invested in the 4-foot precision 8-foot outer rail gantry water cutting system made by jet edge Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. Equipped with a 50 HP jet edge booster pump, it can produce 60000psi ultra-high pressure water flow. Willis equipped the jet edge system with an oversized 5-foot wide and 13 foot long water tank, so that it can be expanded in the future with an expansion rod

cultivation of professional talents

"I try to buy the largest and best model as much as possible," Willis said. Before deciding to buy jet edge, he studied many water cutting systems. But jet edge's overhead structure and commitment to customer service attracted him

"I'm a straightforward person, so frankly, jet edge is the only company that contacted me", he recalled, "the product looks well manufactured, and when you study it, you will be fascinated by its pump"

willis said that jet edge exceeded his expectations. When a friend asked him about purchasing equipment, he said that he only recommended three manufacturers, but the first was jet edge. Because of its perfect support, the salesperson was excellent, and the service provided by the service staff was of a very high standard

willis said that jet edge system helped his company improve productivity and reduce costs, reducing thousands of dollars for customers and expanding his business

the use of water cutting system can maintain the processing cost regardless of the increase of steel thickness

willis recalled that there was a project where customers asked to cut 28.281 holes in the material half an inch after hardening A-2. Processing with jet edge system costs only $90

because of annealing or hardening, it can cost hundreds of dollars to work, while water cutting can treat hardened steel

by using the jet edge system to cut precision stamping sheets, customers can test punch before making the final adjustment of the die groove

"about thousands of dollars can be saved in the experimental stage", Willis said. "The water cutting system can perfectly simulate the stamping process. Laser and plasma will have the effect of edge hardening. When a customer has used water cutting, he will no longer use laser or plasma."

willis said that jet edge system has played a huge role in promoting its business. Sales doubled in the first year of purchase

"that's why I began to recruit employees", he said. "I believe that without this water cutting machine, we will not survive the industrial impact after that. There can be no growth."

the upper part of the steering wheel punching die

the water cutting system is used to cut the external and stamping cavities

about jet edge

jet edge is a global supplier of ultra-high pressure water cutting systems. The main businesses include design, process, manufacturing and ultra-high pressure enhanced pump services, precision water cutting and abrasive water cutting systems, surface pretreatment, coating removal and hydraulic blasting systems, as well as high-pressure cutting heads and related products and components. Jet edge products are used in a wide range of industrial fields, from the world's leading aircraft manufacturing industry to the automotive industry, aerospace to industrial manufacturers, to processing workshops

headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, it has branches in the north, the United States and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East and provides services to more than 100 countries in some general machinery and equipment for fluid and solid transportation, separation, crushing, grinding and drying

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