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The prospect of plastic banknotes and their advantages and disadvantages

all central banks around the world are looking for more wear-resistant and safer banknote making technology. Polymers are becoming more and more popular, and all central banks around the world will at least consider using them to replace paper. Tim Kobold, CEO of denaro, the world's largest paper money printing company, once expressed his outlook for plastic banknotes. Indeed, more and more countries are considering changing paper money into plastic money, but not all central banks are working in this direction

in April 2013, the Central Bank of Nigeria announced that it would phase out the low denomination plastic banknotes in the country and resume the issuance of low denomination banknotes by the end of this year. This is surprising. When more and more countries are replacing plastic banknotes, the Central Bank of Nigeria is doing the opposite. Nigeria has issued plastic banknotes with denominations of 5, 10, 20 and 50 naira since 2009. Over the years, plastic banknotes that are easy to fade have not been widely accepted by Nigerians. There are many complaints in Nigeria that the central bank changed the currency without considering economic benefits and cost accounting, causing more waste

although plastic banknotes have many advantages, people have also found their shortcomings in the circulation and use process: for example, they are easy to fade, especially in some countries with relatively backward technology; It is difficult to fold, which is a trouble for people who like to use folding wallets; After getting wet with water, the money is easy to stick together but not easy to divide. We hope that members of this new alliance can jointly promote the use of other innovative materials in cars; The surface of banknotes is too smooth, which will reduce the speed when counting banknotes; In cash intensive enterprises such as banks and casinos, their traditional paper money sorters need to be improved at a high cost to adapt to different texture designs of plastic banknotes; In less developed countries, due to the lack of appropriate recycling facilities, it will cause new pollution. Of course, after the issuance of plastic banknotes, all bank counters and ATM and other related equipment need to improve their performance to identify and deposit new banknotes, which will bring great pressure to the government and bank finance. In addition, research by Turkish and Dutch scientists has found that plastic banknotes that look clean on the surface are actually a hotbed of superbacteria. The argument that plastic money is cleaner than paper money seems to be worth discussing. The Bank of England declined to comment on the research results with the opposite argument

the first state of Tom, the curator of the modern currency branch of the British Museum: after confirming that the degree of the instrument and device meets the requirements of the regulations, it is important to review whether the local friction force of the task is too large. The assumption is that the clearance of the guide wheel should be adjusted to eliminate the friction force, and the task oil cylinder should be cleaned when necessary. If there is still a positive difference after the influence of the friction force is removed, Then loosen the fastening screw connecting the swing rod and the push plate in the force measuring part (reading mechanism) and the shaft sleeve of the control center of all software, adjust the push plate to the inside, fix the solid screw, and then verify it step by step from the small dial, repeat it for several times until it passes the verification. Assuming that the small dial passes the verification, and the large and medium discs are still out of tolerance, the weight of B thallium and C thallium should be added appropriately until it passes the verification. Hockenhall makes different sounds. Two years ago, he pointed out that the gap between the security performance of paper money and plastic money is narrowing. Now paper money is safer than before. For example, the new £ 50 is very characteristic and difficult to forge. In the United States, US $100 was once the most counterfeited US dollar bill abroad. In order to crack down on a top-notch and highly imitated hundred dollar counterfeit super note, the Federal Reserve issued a new version of US $100 note with a variety of new anti-counterfeiting technologies on October 8 this year, and prepared 25 languages to introduce the new note a few months ago. At present, paper money is still the mainstream form of money

b) the measurement function of the original licensed product is increased; Curator hawkenhall does not believe that plastic banknotes can completely replace paper banknotes. Although plastic substrates are difficult to forge, this has not stopped people from forging counterfeit banknotes, which still occur from time to time. Perhaps it would be a good choice to combine paper money with polymer transparent windows to make hybrid banknotes. In fact, no matter how the anti-counterfeiting technology develops, in the face of huge interest temptation, there will always be people taking risks, just to see how to minimize the loss

as for whether plastic banknotes can replace paper money, it still depends on the attitude of central banks. In the words of plastic banknote researcher stanestraus, the central bank is a very conservative institution, and they will make a choice only after their counterparts in other countries implement it

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