Prospect of the hottest self-adhesive label market

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Self adhesive label market outlook

the self-adhesive label market is currently growing rapidly at a rate of 10% per year, which has almost exceeded the development of the adhesive label market. At the same time, holographic printing labels, self-adhesive labels and hot sticker labels are also growing. Small labels may only be a small part of the printing industry and packaging industry, but they are a big business. The application and technology of labels have been extended to internal labeling, ticketing and brochures, and there seems to be no end. Canned food with old-fashioned adhesive labels can be seen almost everywhere. The whole world is also full of various and colorful labels, from address labels, bar code labels, digital labels to anti-counterfeiting labels, anti ultraviolet labels and waterproof labels. Among the labels with many different characteristics, there are perforated labels, embossed labels and heat sealable labels. The whole label market has developed rapidly at home and abroad. Driven by the UK, the self-adhesive labels in Europe have increased by 10% in a year in the form of sliding friction on the alloy wear-resistant washing corrosion strength testing machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., and its output is almost the same as that of adhesive labels. Experts' prediction of the label market has changed from selling by ton to selling by piece: digital color printing will undoubtedly occupy a place in the label market. Digital color printing is developing in the direction of better, faster and cheaper, especially with the decline in the price of consumables, its development will be faster. Although label printing accounts for only 3% of the European printing market, which is widely used in biomedical and industrial fields, its growth rate has reached 20%

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