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Prospect of modern transmission technology

modern transmission technology is the key basic technology of Electromechanical industry. It mainly includes mechanical transmission technology, fluid transmission technology and electrical transmission technology. This paper mainly introduces the mechanical and fluid transmission technology, in which the fluid transmission technology mainly includes hydraulic, pneumatic and hydraulic transmission technologies that use fluid (liquid and gas) pressure and liquid kinetic energy to transfer energy. Modern transmission technology mainly undertakes the functions of energy transmission, changing the movement form, realizing the distribution and control of energy, and ensuring the transmission accuracy and efficiency. It is one of the indispensable key technologies for the development of electromechanical products in the direction of high-speed, automation, high efficiency, high precision, high reliability, lightweight and diversification

1 status and role

as the foundation of modern transmission technology, basic products, such as mechanical transmission and electric drive products, bearings and hydraulic, pneumatic, hydraulic transmission products, play a very important role in the national economy and national defense construction

1.1 the development of basic products determines the improvement of the performance of electromechanical products

1.2 basic products are the necessary conditions to maximize the realization of functional diversification of electromechanical products

1.3 basic products are the basic guarantee for the completion of major engineering projects and major technical equipment

1.4 basic products are the guarantee of the reliability of electromechanical products and major engineering projects (equipment)

1.5 basic products are the realization of production process automation Especially the indispensable and important means of industrial automation. As an important part of basic products, hydraulic and pneumatic parts and systems are more important with the maturity of technology

1.6 countries all over the world attach importance to the development of basic products

2 foreign advanced level and development trend

in recent years, foreign transmission technology has widely applied high-tech achievements, such as microelectronics technology, computer technology, sensing technology, modern control technology, Advanced manufacturing technology, friction and wear technology and new materials have greatly improved and developed the level, variety and expanded application fields of basic products. The main development trends are as follows

2.1 hydraulic transmission and control technology

· save energy consumption and improve efficiency

· drive quantitative pump with AC motor or variable frequency motor

· develop electromechanical integration components and systems

· develop direct acting electro-hydraulic control valve with high precision and high frequency response of pollution resistance and servo valve with proportional valve

· develop electro-hydraulic servo proportional components, solenoid valves, hydraulic positioning cylinders, etc. with built-in electronic systems

· pay attention to environmental protection

· meet the needs of electromechanical integration of the host machine

· apply modern control technology to improve the performance of electrohydraulic automatic control system

· vigorously develop hydraulic systems and components and expand their application fields

2.2 pneumatic transmission and control technology

· developing towards lightweight, miniaturization and low energy consumption

· diversification of actuator

· developing pneumatic servo system, intelligent components, valve island and bus connection system in combination with electronic technology

· develop in the direction of high speed, high frequency, high life and high reliability

· generally adopt oil-free lubrication

· follow up and review the application of new materials, new processes and new technologies after 2 years

· convenient for maintenance and repair

2.3 hydraulic speed regulating transmission technology

variable speed hydraulic coupling is developing in the direction of high power and high speed. Foreign countries have produced products with power of 6000~10000 kW and speed of 6000 R/min, It is widely used in boiler water supply system, blast furnace blower, etc. of large thermal power plants, which can save energy by more than 20%. The hydraulic viscous speed regulating system develops rapidly. It uses electro-hydraulic proportional pressure valve and centrifugal pressure regulating valve to change the pressing force of the gap between the active and driven friction plates, so as to adjust the output revolutions of the driven shaft. When used in large fans and water pumps, it can save 20% energy. The newly developed hydraulic speed regulating torque converter can obtain a large range of energy capacity. Foreign hydraulic transmission speed regulation systems are widely combined with computers to automatically change the number of revolutions according to the changes of working conditions. Applying computer technology to optimize impeller parameters to improve transmission efficiency

2.4 motion systems and components (bearings, ball screws, etc.)

on the basis of improving the overall level, bearings are developing in the three high directions, namely, high speed, high precision and high performance

ball screws, rolling guide rails and other products are developing towards high speed and high precision

2.5 gear transmission

· high speed and heavy-duty gears are developing towards high parameters and high service life

· SEBS foaming materials for automotive gears will enable manufacturers and designers to have more diversified choices in material use and design. Modern manufacturing processes will be adopted to improve accuracy and reduce noise

· general purpose gears are developing in the direction of complete sets, and various types of gear boxes are widely used

· combination of gear transmission and other types of transmission

3 current situation and gap

China's basic product industry has formed a production and scientific research system with complete categories, certain production capacity and technical level. Especially in the past decade, the basic product industry has been supported by the state, and the equipment level has been improved. At present, it has been able to produce products with complete varieties and specifications, and has been able to provide basically complete products for automobiles, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, machine tools, plastic machines, metallurgical mines, power generation equipment, petrochemical industry, railways, ships, ports, light industry, electronics, medicine and national defense industry. Through scientific research and the combination of production, study and research, in the hydraulic servo proportional system and components, pneumatic control system, high-power variable-speed hydraulic coupling 3 Breakthroughs have been made in the aspects of different experimental speed devices, high-speed gears, automobile and railway bearings, precision spindle bearings, etc., and many achievements have been used in production. Gratifying progress has been made and widely used in product CAD and cat, simulation technology, application of automatic control theory, noise reduction of gears and bearings, seawater and hydraulic transmission, etc

in recent years, many wholly-owned and joint ventures have been established in China, which not only improve the technical level of China's industry, but also provide the host with urgently needed high-performance and high-level products, filling the domestic gap. Although the above achievements have been made, there is still a big gap compared with the current domestic demand and the advanced foreign level

3.1 product convergence, unreasonable composition

3.2 low product performance, poor reliability

3.3 weak product innovation and self-development ability, low self-design level

4 suggestions

1 Constantly adjust the product structure according to the domestic market demand and relying on scientific and technological progress

2. Adapt to the international development trend of transmission technology products industry, reorganize and merge the existing domestic enterprises, so as to continuously improve the development ability, equipment ability, management level and service level of enterprises, so as to maintain a certain competitiveness

3. Constantly improve the development and innovation ability of enterprise products, strengthen the combination of industry, University and research, make full use of the scientific research and development human resources of colleges and universities, and develop products and technologies with independent property rights

4. Improve the quality assurance system, constantly improve product quality, especially product reliability, improve product popularity, and create famous brands

5. According to the needs of product variety development and product quality assurance, we will carry out technical transformation and equipment update in a planned way

5 key technologies in urgent need of development

1 Energy saving technologies of hydraulic transmission and control systems, such as load sensing technology, new energy-saving systems and components

2. Application of electromechanical integration technology and it technology, high-precision, high-frequency response electro-hydraulic, electrical servo proportional systems and components, and speed control technology of hydro viscous governor. Digital hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components, direct acting electro-hydraulic control components

3. Hydraulic system and pollution control technology

4. Leak free hydraulic system and components

5. Hydraulic transmission and control technology

6. High speed and heavy load gear transmission design and manufacturing technology

7. High speed railway bearing design and manufacturing technology

8. High speed and high precision machine tool spindle bearing design and manufacturing technology

9. Various transmission system noise reduction and life increasing technologies

10. Special transmission technology (harmonic transmission, mechanical stepless speed change, etc.)

11. Advanced design technology, such as computer aided design and testing, simulation technology

12. Fault diagnosis technology of large transmission system

13. Application Research of modern manufacturing technology, such as surface treatment technology, computer-aided manufacturing technology, lubrication technology

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