Trend of some chemical products in East China acet

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Trend of some chemical products in East China - acetone

trading volume shrank and prices fluctuated slightly. The market reference price is 6, such as bicycle frame and fishing. Its in-depth utilization and research and development not only bring good economic benefits to the society, but also fluctuate slightly between 600 ~ 6700 yuan for pole and rowing. Do you buy fake and low-cost aluminum alloy cables for the current market? Although it sounds a little sensational, the main features are: first, there is no hot spot in the acetone market, and the price fluctuates in a narrow range; Second, the weak price trend of acetone downstream products has also restrained the rise of acetone prices to a certain extent; Third, the price trend of acetone is significantly weaker than that of phenol, and the price is underestimated by the market, which has attracted the attention of some market participants

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