Triumph ink, which is the most popular to improve

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The printing industry has been looking for 6.2 pairs of ink solutions that can improve both production efficiency and quality. Now the newly upgraded Kohl Madden triumph? The lithography ink will realize this desire of the printing industry, and the ink adopts low VOC ink technology. Its raw materials are from renewable resources, and its performance is good enough to show excellent printing effect

triumph ink is suitable for all lithography, including super large special printing equipment. The ink has excellent friction resistance and color stability, and can meet the requirements of different gloss levels such as surface extinction and smoothing in packaging design

triumph ink has excellent flat printing performance, but if the temperature overshoot is serious, then it is necessary to set the PID setting parameters to ensure that the ideal printing effect can be achieved under the condition of high-speed printing and improve the printing efficiency. As one of the green technology products of sunchemistry, the excellent color fixation of triumph ink can greatly improve the efficiency of experimental printing if it is not cleared. The rapid drying feature gives the ink coating excellent friction resistance

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