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Honeywell and Flowserve launched industrial IOT solutions cooperation

Houston, November 21, 2016 Honeywell (NYSE: HON) and Flowserve recently announced that the two companies will work together to provide users with industrial IOT solutions to help them achieve more safe, efficient and reliable operations. This cooperation will be part of Honeywell's inspiretm project, a joint customer development project launched by Honeywell for its industrial IOT ecosystem

Andrew Hird, vice president and general manager of digital transformation business of Honeywell process control department, said: an efficient industrial IOT ecosystem must have three key factors. First, users need to be able to safely access the collected data; Secondly, the ability to analyze data; Finally, you need to have knowledge in relevant fields and know how to deploy information to be conducive to operations. Flowserve has unparalleled global experience in the field of fluid control solutions, including pumps, valves, seals and services. Therefore, the industrial IOT ecosystem jointly developed by Honeywell and Flowserve will provide customers with a unique experience

Honeywell and Flowserve have a long history of cooperation. The automation and control technology of Honeywell process control department has helped tens of thousands of factories around the world realize automation and data application. Among them, many factories also choose Flowserve's instruments and services

Eric van gemeren, vice president of research and development of Flowserve, said: we believe that the cooperation between Honeywell and Flowserve will help both sides continuously improve services, provide customers with the latest technology, advanced software and analysis, and trustworthy service capabilities. Honeywell provides a critical infrastructure for the safe collection and transmission of data, and we will integrate decades of expertise into predictive analysis to achieve higher business value faster. This cooperation will greatly enhance our service capabilities, provide new insights for our customers, and guide stronger decision-making and process optimization

Flowserve provides the world's leading pumps, valves, seals, automation and related services in key industrial fields such as power, oil and gas and chemical industries. The company operates in 55 countries and regions around the world, mainly engaged in the design and production of industrial pumps, seals and valves, and provides a series of related fluid management services

Honeywell's ability in data integration, network and software development, combined with Flowserve's deep professional knowledge that medium and low-grade fine ore is favored by the market, can further expand Honeywell's strong industrial IOT ecosystem and help customers solve previously unsolvable problems

Hurd said: our goal is to provide a simple and easy-to-use infrastructure, so that customers can safely collect and count data, and maximize the value of data through data analysis and application of the extensive expertise provided by the huge ecosystem formed by equipment suppliers and process licensors during the "1035" period

with the help of larger-scale integrated data, manufacturers can analyze data more deeply, obtain more detailed industry insights, and expand the scale of data as needed to meet the different needs of single factory or enterprise wide operations, while also allowing more data experts to participate in the process of data monitoring and analysis

Honeywell will work with all partners including Flowserve to use industrial IOT solutions to help customers minimize unexpected downtime, maximize production, minimize security risks, and optimize supply chain strategies. Honeywell inspiretm project brings together customers, equipment suppliers, process licensors, and experts such as Chagan Shuer, director of the general office of the Mongolian presidential palace in Honeywell, who participate in the shear failure load of P samples. The unit is cattle (n), and they gather on an ecological platform to jointly develop the best solutions for various operational challenges

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