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Honeywell has accelerated its investment in intelligent warehousing business, and a new production line in China has been officially put into production

- this production line is mainly used to produce Honeywell automated warehousing equipment, It will better meet China's growing warehousing and logistics needs

Suzhou September 21, 2020, Huo channel sellers need to pay the deposit corresponding to the beverage bottle to the beverage manufacturer Neville (NYSE Code: HON) today announced that its newly built Honeywell intelligent storage equipment production line in Suzhou factory has been officially offline and laminated glass gb/t9962 ⑴ 999 has been put into production. The palletizer products produced by Honeywell combine the technology and experience accumulated by Honeywell in the global automated warehousing project, which will better meet the diversified warehousing needs of Chinese customers and further accelerate the service response speed

as an industry-leading one-stop supplier of intelligent warehousing solutions, Honeywell has proven product technology and project experience worldwide, serving more than half of the world's top 100 international retailers. Its complete automatic material handling solutions include picking, conveying, ASRS automatic access, robots and palletizing systems, which can realize efficient and accurate goods circulation and order picking, and help warehouses and distribution centers realize intelligent upgrading

Mr. chaixiaozhou, President of Greater China of Honeywell safety and productivity solutions group, said: Honeywell has been committed to better meeting the specific needs of Chinese customers through continuous innovation and localization. With the launch of the new production line of stacker equipment, we can better serve the needs of warehouse automation upgrading from manufacturing, retail, catering and consumer goods industries. In the future, Honeywell will also continue to increase investment and R & D innovation in the field of intelligent warehousing, bring intelligent warehousing products and technical solutions that keep pace with the times to Chinese customers, and help our users improve the overall efficiency and profitability of the supply chain

in recent years, the volume of goods stored in manufacturing, retail and bulk logistics industries has become increasingly large, with inventory of 2 Temperature and humidity (SKU) surged and showed an increasingly complex development trend. Enterprises are generally faced with problems and challenges such as insufficient storage space and low efficiency of goods in and out of the warehouse. According to the data, the current per capita storage area in China is 0.4 square meters/person, which is far lower than the level of 4 square meters/person in Japan and 5.4 square meters/person in the United States. Especially in the field of modern storage (high-standard warehouse), the market development prospect is huge. In the limited warehouse area, the three-dimensional elevated warehouse is more and more favored by the industry because it can effectively improve the utilization rate of vertical space. In the construction of automated three-dimensional warehouse, stacker is an indispensable and important part

the Honeywell pallet stacker production line put into operation in Suzhou factory can significantly shorten the supply cycle of the equipment and ensure that customers can put it into use at the first time. At the same time, Honeywell's local technical service team in China can also quickly respond to customers' customized needs and upgrade customers' existing storage system according to local conditions

Honeywell pallet stacker mining "The new material industry in Shandong Province has adopted modular and preassembled design. The structural design is reliable and easy to install and maintain, and the standardized parts and components are also convenient for quick supply in the later stage. In addition, the tray stacker also optimizes the column design, which is lighter under the same structural strength, reducing the energy consumption cost of warehousing operations. In addition, the compact storage tank improves the tray turnover rate and further optimizes the space utilization rate. At the same time, it It can also be integrated with other systems such as transportation, sorting, robots and ASRS automatic access under the overall solution of Honeywell intelligent warehousing, so as to help customers further upgrade the whole process of warehousing automation on the existing basis, and realize intelligent warehousing management and optimization of supply chain efficiency. For more information about Honeywell intelligent warehousing solutions, please visit the official website

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