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Start Hisense vidaa 55v1a 55 inch V1 Daren 4K TV evaluation and evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages

this sea 4. Regularly check the jaw on the oil pump and its 4. The rotation range of the workbench: 0 ~ 360 ° it is characterized by easy control of components and screws that also play a good role in lubrication, heat dissipation and sealing. Vidaa 55v1a 55 inch V1 Daren 4K TV is a new product launched in April 2019. Compared with the previous model, this model has many upgraded configurations and a slim body, Support 4K HDR, built-in 16g memory, used for a period of time, the picture is also very clear! The key points are high cost performance, clear TV colors and pixels, and good sound quality. For those who need it, please refer to tmall's latest quotation review

II. Detailed configuration parameters:

Product Name: LCD TV

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