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Union life invited Alibaba cloud AI

union life 95515 customer service center is about to welcome new partners. Alibaba cloud AI is about to take up the customer service position of Zhongsheng life insurance to promote the development of resource-based industry in the direction of intensive processing. She can not only respond to users' questions in real time, but also hope to provide intelligent answers to most customer questions. At the same time, she can also be a quality inspector for artificial customer service. The purpose of the inspection is to promote the use of the service quality of every customer service in saving oil resources and reducing environmental pollution, Improve customer service efficiency while optimizing user experience

on July 29, United Life Insurance reached a cooperation with Alibaba cloud to introduce Alibaba cloud's artificial intelligence technology, greatly shorten the waiting time for service access, and optimize the customer experience. This technology will change the situation that customer service depends heavily on manpower, and AI small AI will answer most user questions. In addition, small AI will also convert customer service voice into text, and greatly improve the service quality detection rate from 3% to 100%

at the beginning of its establishment, union life established an industry-leading customer service center to provide customers with 7*24h services. With the rapid development of business, union life is committed to providing customers with faster and more considerate consulting services. Alibaba cloud AI small AI introduced this time has strong natural language processing capabilities, and can automate a large number of conventional and repetitive services. For example, the recording files of customer service will be automatically converted into text, realizing the digitization of audio files, and it will be easier for union life to monitor the quality of service

in terms of customer service, union life is paranoid, and alphago man-machine war has given us a lot of inspiration. The application of AI technology can make users' service experience better, because they can get faster and more accurate answers, and we can monitor the service quality in real time. Chang Jiang, director of union life, said that in the cloud, it is easy for us to connect such materials with the footwear industry on a computing platform. It is also attractive to have powerful AI technology with one click access

in the future, small AI will begin to play a role after the customers of union life ask questions through various platforms. It will understand the questions in combination with the background and find the corresponding answers. At the same time, little AI will continue to learn and evolve by itself, optimize its question and answer accuracy, learn the way to communicate with humans, and change the robot accent

union life advocates Service - starting from the heart and focusing on customer needs, it provides one-stop services through customer service counters, contacts, letters, mobile clients and other channels, so that customers can get services in the most accustomed and accessible way. Since last year, union life has launched mobile customer service and other measures to gradually improve and even reshape the business model of traditional finance with the help of science and technology, drive the continuous upgrading of competition with customer experience as the core, and fully feel the charm of science and technology finance

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