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Hisense/Hisense led65ec880ucq 65 inch and Hisense led55ec880ucq TV which is good to compare and evaluate

Hisense hot-selling 65 inch and 55 inch TV recommendations: hisense/Hisense led65ec880ucq 65 inch and Hisense led55ec880ucq TV, which is better, please follow the latest user evaluation and comparison, and hope to help friends in need

I. how about Hisense/Hisense led65ec880ucq 65 inch TV, OK

comments from friends:

TV has good image quality, which is super image quality. I am very satisfied with TV, express delivery and installation. I was afraid to buy large household appliances before. This time, I was attracted by the price, and I placed an order boldly. Everything went well. Hisense's service is in place and trustworthy

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II. The heads of all lines of hisense/marine production and manufacturing center can also be used for other experiments when they meet the conditions of this experimental machine. Gather in 1 letter led55ec880ucq 55 inch 4K curved intelligent network LCD uled TV

uled super image quality curved surface

user comments:

it's very easy to install these two feet by yourself. The picture is really reassuring. The product is amazing, and the feeling of the curved screen is really different. It's also very comfortable to look at from the side, and it won't reflect light. You can see from the ceramic tile wall behind me that the light in my house is very good. At the beginning of watching Puqing's film, I felt vague. After finding 4K channel 3, I immediately took various photos and uploaded them, hahaha?! And the sound effect is also great! I'm looking forward to the speaker

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