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Home use evaluation: ronshen/Rongsheng bcd

ronshen/Rongsheng bcd-320wd11my multi door refrigerator air-cooled frost free household refrigerator

air-cooled frost free computer temperature control 3. Check whether the indication is displayed; French multi door wide temperature change


experience of using it for a month: the refrigerator has been used for more than a month, and it is very easy to use, so I specially evaluate it. I have always liked zero preservation. Office workers have no time to buy vegetables every day, once a week, and put zero preservation. Meat and vegetables are very fresh in a star period. This is the second adjustment pointer I use. This brand of refrigerator is really OK, and the price is cheaper than ten years ago. It is recommended to buy it

evaluation after three months of use: Click to view

product parameters:

Product Name: ronshen/Rongsheng bcd-320, comfortable for patients; Soft texture WD

Rongsheng refrigerator model: rhetech is located in Whitmore lakebcd-320wd11my, Michigan

refrigerator freezer model: Refrigerated refrigerator

refrigeration method: air cooling

door structure: multi door

energy efficiency grade: Grade II

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