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According to the information times, the current hygienic standard for beverage bottle mouth sealing is blank, and the bottle cap has design defects. Plastic bottled drinks have always attracted consumers with their good storage performance and reusability. Many people even use plastic bottles (PET bottles) for storing daily condiments, but who knows that there are hidden safety hazards in these bottles? After in-depth investigation in the industry, we learned an open secret: there may be defects in the current universal bottle cap design, which can directly lead to the secondary pollution of the bottle mouth thread and mold on the bottle cap

in the current national standards, the standard requirements on the sealing and hygiene of the screw thread part of the bottle mouth in the beverage sealing structure are still blank

there are potential safety and health hazards at the bottle mouth

at present, there are reports of pollution at the bottle mouth, which are generally handled as individual events. However, professionals in the industry all know that the sealing structure has certain defects. In fact, the currently used sealing structure of plastic beverage bottles can not protect the hygiene of the screw thread part of the bottle mouth, because the screw thread part of the bottle mouth is not sealed and protected

made an experiment: put any bottle of plastic bottle beverage with screw cap on the market flat into blue water for 10 seconds, take it out to dry the appearance, and then slowly unscrew the bottle cap. At this time, it can be seen that the thread part of the bottle mouth is stained with water that has just penetrated. This simple experiment shows that the bottle mouth is only covered by the bottle cap, and air and water can enter there unimpeded. Professionals say that this directly causes the bottle mouth to be easily polluted by dust, germs or harmful substances in the freezing liquid in the process of circulation and sales. Consumers do not know the reason when something happens. Even if they can detect the problem, they are unable to complain because the packaging has been opened. Therefore, there are serious health and safety hazards in the current market of screw cap plastic bottle beverages, which is not suitable for drinking directly from the mouth of the bottle

he also purchased several popular beverages in the market. It was found that all beverage manufacturers did not put forward corresponding consumption warnings on the packaging. Some manufacturers even showed the picture of drinking directly from the mouth of the bottle in the advertisement

hygienic standard for thread sealing blank

according to the introduction of professionals in the industry, the requirements for sealing and hygiene of bottle mouth thread in beverage sealing structure are still blank in the current national standard. Professionals say that the screw thread part of the bottle mouth is equivalent to the tableware for drinking drinks. The tableware is exposed to the air and is not protected from the time when the drinks leave the factory to the time when consumers drink drinks, and this time can be a month or even a year. Such tableware undoubtedly has serious safety and health risks. Especially in spring and summer, when viruses and germs are highly prevalent and easy to infect, the hidden danger will be even more dangerous

according to the data, in the first half of 2006, Guangdong Administration for Industry and Commerce distributed 200 batches of bottled drinking water commodities to 113 drinking water franchised stores and shopping malls and supermarkets in the circulation field in 9 cities including Guangzhou, Shantou and Jieyang, of which 72 batches were qualified and 128 batches were unqualified. The qualified rate was only 36%. It is understood that the main problem found in drinking water is that the microbial indicators exceed the standard. Among the 200 batches of commodities, 97 batches of commodities had microbial indicators exceeding the standard. Among them, 96 batches (e.g. clamping surfaces of samples such as plastic films and filaments) exceeded the standard, 13 batches of molds and yeasts exceeded the standard, and 3 batches of coliforms exceeded the standard. There are many reasons for exceeding the standard of microorganism. Production process, production environment, personnel health, packaging containers, transportation and storage conditions may cause bacterial pollution. The poor sealing of the bottle cap is one of the important factors that lead to the excessive total number of bacteria

new design or promotion of generation

it is learned from the professional forum that the problem that the elongation of PET bottles can reach 100 ⑶ 00% and the mouth is easy to mold is a major problem perplexing the beverage industry, and there has been no very effective solution. In the past, a variety of bottle cap transformation methods have not achieved satisfactory results, but the industry has been looking for new solutions

however, a new sealing structure design has recently attracted the attention of some manufacturers in the industry. Interviewed some senior people in the bank and welcomed the solution. A senior person pointed out that the sealing structure adds a seal at the bottom of the cover without changing the sealing structure and sealing effect of the existing bottle top. The screw thread part of the bottle mouth is protected to avoid pollution in the process of circulation and sales. Thus, the hidden danger of safety and health of the screw thread part of the bottle mouth is eliminated. At the same time, because there is a seal at the bottom of the cover, the chances of the beverage itself being contaminated and becoming a defective product are greatly reduced. The sealing structure is applicable to the sealing of various beverages. In the long run, the production cost can only play a greater value if the equipment keeps pace with the times. 6. After the experiment and exit procedure, it is basically not increased compared with the current technology

insiders said that at present, the beverages in the market are mixed, but without exception, traditional universal bottle caps are used. As the competition in the beverage industry focuses more on people-oriented and differentiated marketing of packaging research and development, it is imperative to transform the traditional universal bottle cap. Consumers' strong demand for beverage safety and the emergence of ideal new design will promote the upgrading of the packaging of the entire bottled beverage industry

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