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Award for nano oxide concentrated slurry and nano composite coating of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The dispersing agent forms a coating layer after adsorption and anchoring on the particle surface, and achieves the function of stabilizing the dispersing system by relying on the steric hindrance. The design of nano oxide concentrated slurry takes into account the interaction and mutual matching of solvent, nano particles and dispersant additives, so as to make the slurry and each component cooperate to achieve the purpose of stable dispersion. The successfully developed nano material concentrated slurry has the characteristics of high concentration and low viscosity. Its solid content is about twice that of foreign countries, its viscosity is less than half, and its storage stability is doubled. The product performance (solid content, initial viscosity, storage period, etc.) has reached the international leading level

a variety of nanocomposite coatings with different functions were prepared by adding nano slurry into the coatings in two steps. A large number of laboratory and field test data and actual application results show that the nano concentrated slurry significantly improves the UV aging resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and photocatalytic activity of the coating. 8. A manual control box greatly improves the performance of the traditional coating

according to Chinese coatings, the project has 16 authorized invention patents and won the first prize of Liaoning provincial technological invention. The achievements have been used in aircraft, civil construction and industrial sectors in China, and have brought great social benefits. Zhongke nano coating technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. used this technology and put it into production at the end of March, 2005, with profits and taxes of more than 7million yuan in that year

nano oxide concentrated slurry is widely used not only in the coating forming temperature of 290 (3) 50 ℃, but also in many fields such as plastics, adhesives, rubber, ink, cosmetics, etc., and will play a great role in the national economy and national defense construction


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