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Comments on plastic warehouse receipts on January 18

Treasure Island warehouse receipts reported that polypropylene and linear products rose across the board. According to the warehouse receipt of treasure island stock exchange, the settlement prices of pp1005 and ll1003 today were 10822 yuan/ton and 11600 yuan/ton respectively, up 58 yuan/ton and 116 yuan/ton respectively compared with yesterday's settlement. A total of 2030 batches (10150 tons) were traded throughout the day, an increase of 112 batches compared with the previous trading day, and the total order volume reached 3119 batches (15595 tons), an increase of 210 batches compared with the previous trading day

upstream dynamics: crude oil continued to decline, ethylene rose sharply and propylene remained stable

crude oil fell to $78 last Friday. Ethylene monomer: CFR Northeast Asia reported US $1345.00/ton, up US $44; CFR Southeast Asia reported US $1405.00/ton, up US $54. Propylene monomer: Nine Dragons Paper (32.093 billion yuan), Chenming Paper (22.907 billion yuan), Heng'an International (19.277 billion yuan) and FOB Japan reported 120.9 billion US dollars per ton, ranking the top three in terms of revenue of 121.1 billion US dollars

[polypropylene varieties]

1. External market: closed slightly

FOB Middle East homopolymer PP reported 1303-1313 (USD/ton), up $5, FD northwest Europe homopolymer PP reported flat (euro/ton), and the monthly export amount of Fas rest was 0 Fluctuations between us $300 million were concentrated in PP, which was flat (US $per ton)

2. Domestic spot: Sinopec Huabei maintained stability and the transaction was poor

Sinopec Huabei's quotation remained stable. There was a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the morning market around Beijing, the transaction was poor, and the price showed signs of a slight decline. Middlemen are confused about the future market. T30S reports 10600 yuan/ton. The spot in Yuyao is weak and volatile, and the transaction atmosphere is light; Three round T30S is quoted at about 10900 yuan/ton

3. Warehouse receipt trend: open low and go high, close up sharply

affected by the decline of crude oil on Friday, 1004, the main part of JUC warehouse receipts, opened slightly lower at 10880, rose to 10850 in the morning, and then sorted out narrowly. In the afternoon, it continued to rise to close at 10900, up 1.97%. Take the line out of Kyang. The trading volume is enlarged and the position is increased. On the continuous daily chart, polypropylene was in a volatile situation in the short term, and closed up above the average of 5. On the 30 minute chart, the average system (5, 10, 20, 30) is more than 2 The gas consumption heads are arranged, and the price runs above the 5-unit moving average. Spot support, polypropylene warehouse receipts remained volatile and focused on the performance of crude oil. Short term reference support 10600, 10420, pressure 10950, 11100

[linear varieties]

today, the main force of linear warehouse receipts 1003 closed at 11600, up 1.01%

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